5 Zoho SalesIQ Integrations You Should Consider Utilizing

Are you looking for ways to engage your website visitors in a more efficient way? Zoho SalesIQ integrations can help you get better results. The app is pretty handy on its own. It lets you track and analyze how users interact with your site so you can connect with them at just the right time. 

But you can boost your sales and improve user experience even more if you pair it with other Zoho apps. Integration means you can use most of the Zoho SalesIQ top features across the board to streamline multiple business processes. This includes marketing, sales, customer support, data analysis, strategy planning and decision making.

So, take a look at the top 5 Zoho apps to integrate with SalesIQ.

1. Zoho CRM

Integration with Zoho’s customer relationship management (CRM) ensures a smooth flow of data between the 2 apps.

You can combine data from your CRM with insights from Zoho SalesIQ to make the most out of every single interaction with a customer. Use the information from your extensive CRM database to better understand who it is you’re talking to and provide them with instant support via live chat.

The integration will help you keep all relevant data in one place, always at the tips of your fingers.

Track, prioritize and route your site’s users according to values you’ve set in your CRM. Get notified in Zoho CRM any time a high-quality lead lands on your page. Making a sale will be that much easier because you’ll be able to see all past interactions and history of their website behavior collected by the SalesIQ app. 

This way you’ll know exactly what they need and how to solve any objections they might have!

Zoho SalesIQ Integrations zoho crm

2. Zoho Desk

Supporting your customers and solving their problems in Zoho Desk can get even more effective with the help of Zoho SalesIQ.

Use the live chat option to save time and resolve your customers’ issues faster. You can do it from the web or on the go from a mobile app. To avoid always answering repeating questions, set up chatbots with Zobot or embed answers to FAQs. This way you can offload your team and let them focus on more complex matters.

Zoho SalesIQ also lets you see the history of interactions and a user’s site behavior. It can speed up problem detection because you won’t need to ask as many questions to get to the root of the problem. 

You can also set rules that will help you be more proactive in solving your customer’s issues. Detect when a user is browsing your site looking for a solution. And then ask how you can be of service. Create a ticket based on their issue and automatically assign them to the most qualified operator.

3. Zoho Campaigns

If you’re big on sending out email marketing campaigns, try integrating Zoho Campaigns with Zoho SalesIQ.

It lets you see and track who came to your site from an email campaign you sent out. It’s an additional way to measure your campaign’s effectiveness! Create reports and track opens, CTRs, bounces, unsubscribes and even geo locations to make even better campaigns in the future.

The integration lets you add live chat buttons to your emails. Invite them to connect with you instantly and short-circuit their usual way of getting information. 

You’ll be just 1 click away!

Zoho SalesIQ Integrations zoho campaigns

Put a live chat option in your email signature. This lets your subscribers reach out to you directly from the mail! And don’t worry, you can customize the looks of the chat widget and window to suit your brand.

You can even enable a newsletter subscription in the live chat.

Combine the 2 apps to get to know your audience even better. Tailor the content and timing of your emails to increase your odds of making a sale!

4. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a handy tool when it comes to advanced reporting and visually analyzing your data.

Automatically import information gathered by Zoho SalesIQ into Zoho Analytics to create comprehensive reports and dashboards to share with others. Combine the data with information from both sources to get a realistic overview of your business’ efforts.

Understand your customers better. Track their interactions, time spent on the website and chats attended, missed or closed, and more. Use the data to optimize your website and engage your customers at exactly the right time. And with the right approach!

Increase the efficiency of your sales, marketing and customer support teams. Detect the busiest hours, agent ratings and their workload.

With the right data at your disposal, you can truly optimize your business processes.

Zoho SalesIQ Integrations zoho analytics

5. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based software that helps you provide remote support and gain remote access when needed. Integration with Zoho SalesIQ lets you do that from a live chat! 

The connection can be established by a single click within a few seconds.  You can initiate screen sharing or your customers can ask for it. Use it to walk your client through a demo or show them how to apply your solution.

The integration also lets you access your customer’s screen and solve their problem for them. Connect to their PCs, laptops, servers and mobile devices. You can also control which of your agents can access the remote control option. This way you’ll be sure that your customers and their devices are always in the best hands!

Get Better Results with Zoho SalesIQ Integrations

To get the most out of Zoho SalesIQ, integrate it with other Zoho apps.

Access all your customer data in a single place so you can decide on the most effective way of approaching and interacting with customers to boost sales. Solve more problems faster in Zoho Desk by using live chat and all of its features. Track your email campaigns, grow your list of subscribers and provide easy access to extra support in emails.

Visually analyze and organize gathered data in Zoho Analytics to make better business decisions. And finally, provide reliable remote support and increase trust in your brand.



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