8 Best Zoho Cliq Integrations with 3rd Party Apps

When a team has a space where they can work together to solve issues, brainstorm better ways to approach work and even let off some steam, their productivity soars. You can give your team a place for that with Zoho Cliq. The top features of this collaboration tool make working together simple, especially for remote teams. Transfer these benefits to other tools in your work by using Zoho Cliq integrations with 3rd party apps. Check out my other article if you are interested in Zoho Cliq integrations with Zoho apps.

It lets your team members fetch key information directly from the chat window and instantly share them with others for better collaboration. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Read on to learn more about what else you can do with Zoho Cliq integrations.

1) Hubspot

Hubspot is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can help you close more deals faster. It lets you track prospects, get a detailed overview of your sales pipeline, gain insight into sales and productivity with thorough reports and much more.

The tool can be integrated with Zoho Cliq to ease team collaboration. It lets you access all your Hubspot data directly from the chat so you can easily share it with others, without leaving the conversation. You can create deals, tickets and tasks directly from Zoho Cliq with the help of a bot, as well as add notes to them. Individual messages can also be turned into tasks or tickets.

This way all issues can be solved quickly and nothing gets lost in the noise.

Zoho Cliq integration with Hubspot

2) Pipedrive

Another CRM tool, Pipedrive is designed specifically for sales teams to help them boost revenue. It lets you set up sales pipelines, track progress and can also save your team a lot of time with its automation options.

Its integration with Zoho Cliq can make your sales process even more streamlined. Quickly learn the details of any deal within a chat and edit it directly from Cliq if necessary. Convert important messages into activities and assign them to deals for added context. Also, get notified about changes in any deal’s status to keep everything on track.

Zoho Cliq integration with Pipedrive

3) Zendesk

Zendesk is a software solution aimed at helping you provide better customer service. Solving complaints becomes easier for both the customers and your team.

Zoho Cliq integration with Zendesk gives your customer support team a place to quickly share information while still having easy access to Zendesk data. This helps them solve issues faster!

Your agents can get notified when a new ticket is assigned to them and can always see an overview of tickets that are open, pending or overdue. They may also view, edit or comment on tickets directly from Cliq to save time while collaborating.

Zoho cliq integration with Zendesk

4) Stripe

Stripe is a financial software tool that provides a simple-to-use solution for receiving and sending payments around the world.

Its integration with Cliq helps you keep an eye on all transactions.

You can check your balance and transaction status directly from Zoho Cliq and set up a system of notifications and reminders so you never miss a transaction or forget to pay someone. The integration also lets you quickly reach crucial data like invoices, taxes, refunds, customer information and much more.

Zoho cliq integration with stripe

5) MailChimp

MailChimp is a well known platform for creating successful email campaigns. It offers a reliable space to build and grow an audience that’s interested in your offer – just create an email marketing campaign and boost your sales!

Install the MailChimp extension for Cliq to integrate the two apps and help your team stay on track with all campaigns. Let them fetch crucial campaign data within moments and share them with others, never needing to leave the chat. Set up channel notifications so everyone always stays updated with a campaign’s progress or issues. You can even view a short digest of email recipients’ details directly from Cliq.

6) Google Analytics

Anyone who has a website has probably heard about Google Analytics. It’s a useful tool that lets you analyze your website traffic and see how users are engaging with your site’s content.

Integration with Cliq helps your team fetch relevant data captured by Google Analytics in an instant, to save time in team discussions. Set up a default website you want to draw data from and share real-time information in any chat! If you always want to see a fresh report at a certain time, like the first thing in the morning or every Monday, schedule reports so they’re automatically generated for you.

You can also use the Google Analytics bot when you want to see reports or charts for specific metrics.

Zoho Cliq integration with Google Analytics

7) Asana

As a tool for managing teams, projects and individual tasks, Asana is widely used to increase productivity and keep everything (and everyone) on track.

With an Asana extension for Zoho Cliq, you can keep managing and updating projects in Asana directly from team conversations and chats, without having to switch between the apps. Turn individual messages into tasks and set up targets, updates and notifications. Quickly link your projects to others, make necessary changes, create and assign new tasks, set deadlines and more.

Do everything directly from the Cliq window and save both your time and data from getting lost.

8) Trello

Trello is yet another project management tool that aims to boost productivity. Organize your projects with boards and cards to set up tasks, assign deadlines and give everyone an easy overview of the process.

Use the Trello extension for Cliq to bring it up a notch. Create, view, archive and update Trello cards directly from the Cliq’s window. When you need some quick info from a specific card, just fetch a dialogue box in chat that lets you choose the list and the card you want to view. Set up notifications about any changes made to cards of interest and convert chat messages into Trello cards instantly!

Zoho Cliq integration with Trello

Get More with Zoho Cliq Integrations with 3rd Party Apps

Zoho Cliq is a great collaboration tool.

It lets your team members stay in the loop and encourages solving issues and innovating solutions together, as a team. There are so many other useful tools that help you manage your customers, teams, projects and transactions. Using integrations means you can connect them to create your own productivity systems and get the most out of the apps you’re using.



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