Have You Heard About These 9 Free Zoho Desk Extensions?

What are some of the essentials to a successful business? Great product, excellent sales team, and… What would a third be?

Needless to say, being able to provide excellent customer support is one of the essentials to a successful customer-oriented business. However, leaving it all in the hands of your already overwhelmed support team is never a good idea. Your support team needs support.

Zoho Desk has been one of the most favorite tools a support team can rely on to have their back for quite some time now. However, did you know that you can extend its functionalities with several extensions – some of them even free?

So, to help your support team with some additional support, let’s get familiar with these nine free extensions for Zoho Desk. Hopefully, you’ll find something that will fit your support team beautifully and take some of the daily struggles off their hands and into the hands of these capable extensions.

1. Kanban Task Board

Kanban Task Board extension for Zoho Desk

Who handles what? Is that an ongoing task for your sales team, or is it something your support team should take?  And how come client X is still waiting for a response?

If these are some of the questions you have to ask yourself more often than not, then Kanban Task Board is the right thing for you. It allows you to visualize everything on your team’s to-do list, sort them by status, and monitor them as your team goes through their assigned tasks. With this extension, you will be able to increase productivity, pinpoint bottlenecks, and overall – provide a higher quality of customer support.

2. Checklist

Checklist for Zoho Desk

Speaking of to-do lists, you know that it is rarely one single task that occupies an entire ticket. Typically, you’d have to divide a significant task into two or three minor tasks. And what’s better suited for this task than a checklist, especially when you’re handling multiple clients, demands, and things to do per each?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right, the Checklist extension allows you to bring the power of the good old checklist to your Zoho Desk. With this free extension, you can effortlessly create tasks to add them to a list or convert them into tickets, link tickets to a particular checkbox, and much more – all geared toward much easier task management.

3. My Followed Tickets

My Followed TIckets extension for Zoho Desk

There will always be those tasks that your team already handles on autopilot and aren’t worth mentioning. Other tasks might be much more exciting, or, require your attention or supervision.

My Followed Tickets is a perfect extension for the latter type of task. If there are tickets that you have a particular interest in, you can mark them as your favourite and monitor them closely from your account. You can see the name and status without opening a ticket – and you can always unfollow them as they get resolved.

4. Ticket Status Lifecycle

Ticket Status Lifecycle extension for Zoho Desk

Once a ticket gets into Zoho Desk, it will often pass through several stages until it reaches the desired “resolved” stage.  Some of them will go through this cycle quickly – others will take their time. As a good business owner that knows how important it is for your customer support team to be as productive as possible – you’ll probably want to know how quickly this cycle spun.

This is where Ticket Status Lifecycle Extension becomes more than handy. It will allow you to follow each ticket’s cycle from beginning to end, and it will present additional information along with it. For example, once you install this extension, you can effortlessly see how long a particular ticket held an “Open” status and which agent changed it. With this information clearly outlined, you’ll be able to spot delays, struggles, or any other issues in no time, and improve the productivity of your support team as a result.

5. Advanced Ticket Filters

Advanced ticket filters for Zoho Desk

Filters are the solution if you have multiple tasks, agents, tickets, or anything in bulk, really. The Advanced Ticket Filters extension provides you with just that – advanced filters that you can use to narrow down the clutter and help you find what you want to focus on next.

You can rely on its filters to sort out tickets based on default and custom properties. This extension does exactly as it says on the tin – nothing more and nothing less. Still, it will prove to be a lifesaver in times of need.

6. Parent-Child Ticketing

Parent Child Ticketing extension for Zoho Desk

Nothing to do with a Montessori – rather, this extension allows you to create a relationship between your tickets that resembles the parent-child relationship.

If one of your tickets depends on another or is related to another ticket in any way, you’ll want to connect the two to avoid either falling through your system’s cracks. With this extension, you can effortlessly link tickets, clone or duplicate them, link them to the original one, and even set up what you want to happen to both tickets once the issue is resolved.

7. Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboard for Zoho Desk

Organizing your Zoho Desk with the help of previous extensions is effortless. Yet, the clutter is likely still going to be there. Compartmentalized, yes, but still there. And you’ll probably find yourself in a situation where you need an overview, or related data, quickly.

This is where the Custom Dashboards extension shines. It allows you to create exactly what it says it would – custom dashboards – that will enable you to view the data in an easy-to-understand and straightforward manner. With it, you can create charts for important reports for your day-to-day work and access these charts with a single click.

8. Ticket Insights

Ticket Insights extension for Zoho Desk

The more information an agent has, the better they can assess the situation with a particular customer. Therefore, they can provide a better service. With the Ticket Insights extension, you can quickly see all incoming and outgoing threads related to a particular ticket and whether or not the ticket had any comments. The total number of approvals, attachments, tasks, and time entries associated with the ticket is now available with a click.

Yes, all this data is already available with Zoho Desk, but it is, unfortunately, scattered all over the place – and you have to dedicate a certain amount of time to catch it all. With the Ticket Insights extension, you get it all in one place so that you can focus on creating an actionable plan based on the insights – instead of having to hunt for data in the first place.

9. Customer Insights

Customer Insights for Zoho Desk

Just like you could benefit from having all the information about the ticket in one place – you could benefit even more if you had such insight about your customers. And yes, while I typically recommend you integrate your Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk for this purpose, the Customer Insights extension could work as a solid backup.

With this extension, you get real-time insights about the customer right next to the ticket. You will see the number of tickets you received from this customer, their happiness rating percentage, and average response and resolution time per customer. With this information quickly available, your customer support team can custom-tailor their response and better prepare upfront to address the ticket.

Which Extension Will You Use?

That brings us to the end of our list of the best and free extensions for your Zoho Desk. Depending on your business model, you might need just a couple, or all of them, to help you improve your customers’ happiness rating.

They are handy tools to have at your disposal, and they are all, again, free. So if you’re not sure whether you could benefit from some of these, give them a go!

Not sure how to add these extensions to your Zoho Desk? Fill out my contact form, and let’s chat. I’m offering free, 1-hour sessions to eligible clients!

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