9 Usefull Zoho Cliq Integrations With Zoho Apps

Zoho Cliq helps your team be more efficient by making communication and collaboration more streamlined. It lets them send instant messages, make calls, create dedicated channels and reminders, manage events and much more. It’s a useful tool to encourage teamwork and to solve issues faster. While the app is great in itself, you can get even more use out of its top features by integrating it with other Zoho apps. Better collaboration can make any work easier, so why not encourage it?

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Read on to learn more about 9 top Zoho Cliq integrations with Zoho apps and how they can make your business better.

1) Zoho CRM

Zoho Cliq integration with Zoho CRM can make your customer relationship management process even simpler.

Stay in touch with your team in real time and let them know about important updates immediately. Skip the email, give all your team members easy access to vital information and hold creative discussions. You can add notes from Zoho Cliq directly to CRM so no idea gets lost!

Set up notifications and reminders for CRM activities in Cliq. Search through the records with Zoho CRM bot or use slash commands to get CRM data in Zoho Cliq. This way you don’t have to switch between apps and waste time to get the information you want to share with others. The integration does it for you!

Zoho Cliq integration with Zoho CRM
Zoho Cliq integrated with Zoho CRM

2) Zoho Desk

Customer support agents sometimes need help from other departments. Integration with Zoho Desk allows them to reach other team members in no time, get the answers they need and solve a customer’s problem faster. Create a channel in Cliq where support agents can easily share information and get solutions. You can search the channel later to see if there are any recurrent issues that can be improved.

Use Deskbot to fetch specific requests to quickly get the most relevant data. Apply the /ticket command to instantly see information from Zoho Desk about certain customers and their reported issues. Keep track of assigned or overdue requests in Zoho Cliq and share information about your top performers!

Zoho cliq integrated with Zoho Desk
Zoho Cliq in a Zoho Desk tab
Zoho Cliq Desk support tab

3) Zoho Mail

Emails are great but not when you need an instant response. Use the integration with Zoho Mail to combine email with chat and get the best of both worlds.

Collaborate in real time: share files, send instant messages and make calls. Create instant group chats to reach multiple people at the same time and stay updated even while writing mails – Cliq’s chatbar is built into Zoho Mail. This means you don’t have to leave the app to consult with your teammates!

You can even create external chats to include people outside of your organization, like vendors, partners or clients. It makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page.

4) Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an accounting software that lets you create invoices and track your income and expenses. Integrating it with Zoho Cliq means you’ll be able to get notified of your customer’s activities, like when they open or pay an invoice. This way you can send timely reminders or thank you notes to show them you care. Send estimates to your customers, discuss them easily in the comments and get instantly notified of any changes.

Zoho Cliq integrated with Zoho Books

5) Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Cliq integration with Zoho Subscriptions lets you set up instant notifications about any subscriptions or payments in your Cliq channel. Let your team members know about any missed payments or failed signups. This way they can offer timely help to those who need it. Be aware of any time a new card or bank account is added and get notified about any errors. You can also choose to receive a notification any time a new review or comment is posted.

All of this will help your staff respond quickly and build trusting relationships with customers.

Zoho cliq integrated with Zoho Subscriptions

6) Zoho Inventory

Zoho’s stock and inventory control software helps you keep track of your online sales. Integration with Zoho Cliq sends all important information to the same place and makes sure that all team members are on the same page.

Create a separate channel for your product and notify your sales people any time a new order comes through, stock is updated or a reorder is needed. This means your staff can now save time because they don’t have to go look for specific information –  it comes to them in a dedicated channel. And they can communicate much more easily with each other!

Zoho cliq integration with Zoho Inventory

7) Zoho Expense

Knowing where your money goes is a crucial part of any business. Zoho Expense helps you keep track of your expenses and the integration with Zoho Cliq makes the teamwork around it more efficient.

Create expense reports and streamline the process with quick approvals and instant reimbursements. Ask others to verify reports. Get notified when an expense report is rejected or approved so you always know how you’re spending your money. It’s a great way to minimize any payment mistakes.

8) Zoho Projects

Direct and plan your projects even more efficiently from Zoho Cliq!

Access Zoho Projects from Cliq to manage existing tasks or turn Cliq messages into new tasks, add due dates and set priorities directly from Cliq. Collaborate with others on tasks in real time, get reports on project progress and get notified about any issues or deadlines. Create a separate channel and sync it with a project in Zoho Projects to keep everyone posted with important updates. You can also use it to hold team discussions or brainstorming sessions, which is especially useful when your team is working remotely.

Zoho cliq integrated with Zoho Projects
Zoho Project notebook in Zoho Cliq

9) Zoho Sprints

Are you using Scrum methodology to organize your team’s workflow?

Zoho Cliq integration with Zoho Sprints supports all your Scrum ceremonies and helps you get the most out of your team communication. Use it to create separate channels for your releases, sprints or certain work items defined in Zoho Sprints to keep all the messages focused and relevant. Use the Sprints bot to get personalized updates on projects you’re a part of or to send notifications to others about project updates. Convert messages into work items, schedule meetings and set reminders – all without leaving Cliq!

Zoho cliq integrated with Zoho Sprints

Collaborate easily with Zoho Cliq integrations

When your team gets instantly notified about any issues or updates, they can work together to come up with a solution or brainstorm new ideas. The integration will also save them time because they’ll have all the important information in a single place, so they don’t have to constantly switch between different apps. You can also use bots and commands to fetch relevant data or create reports and convert messages into tasks, meetings or notes!

Choose an integration that will make your business better.



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