9 Useful Zoho Forms Integrations with Zoho Apps

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Gathering and managing customer data is an unavoidable part of almost any business. It’s a process that usually takes up a lot of time and effort. Zoho Forms app offers a high-quality software solution that can save you time and money while also making the whole process a lot simpler. Zoho Forms is even more effective when you combine it with other Zoho apps.

Integrations with Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Sheets and others can give your business a targeted boost in those specific areas. The fact that the apps are made by the same company promises a smooth user experience. Making use of the integrations will help you streamline your business processes.

Read on to learn more about Zoho Forms integrations with Zoho Apps!

1. Zoho CRM

Your customer relationship management process can be simpler if you integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Forms.

integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Forms

The integration lets you create a smooth data transition from submitted forms into CRM records. Just connect the form fields with the corresponding fields in the Zoho CRM app! Turn your respondents into new leads and update information about existing customers. Collect feedback or nurture users who’ve signed up for your membership programme.

No manual entry of data needed!

With Zoho Forms mobile app you can gather data even without Internet connection. Everything will be safely stored on the device and will sync with Zoho CRM when you come back online.

integrating zoho forms crm

2. Zoho Campaigns

Are email marketing campaigns an important part of your business?

Email campaigns are an efficient way of creating a base of loyal customers, rewarding them for their loyalty and boosting your sales. Integration of Zoho Campaigns with Zoho Forms helps you get even better results!

Share relevant forms easily in your emails to collect important data even quicker. Your mailing list details can even help you get information from a specific part of your audience. But the best feature of this integration is that it helps you achieve a greater reach! It lets you automatically add your respondents’ details into your list of subscribers.

3. Zoho Desk

integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho Forms

You can help your CS agents keep your customers happy by integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho Forms. Your agents lose time when they have to convert your customers’ complaints into support tickets manually. And then customers get irritated because the process is taking too long.

The integration lets you create complaint forms that users can fill out. Speed things up by giving them the option to describe the problem and upload a file or an image. Then, convert the filled out form into a support ticket automatically! This way, your agents will be able to start solving the issue immediately.

A quick and efficient customer support will help you stand out among competition.

zoho desk integration with zoho forms

4. Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign + Zoho Forms integration helps your business ditch unnecessary paperwork.

Build custom document templates in Zoho Sign and import data from Zoho Forms into a document. Send it out to other business decision makers and collect signatures digitally! Keep your documents safe, organized and accessible.

This will help you save time, as well as the cost of paper and transport. Plus, your business will now be more eco-friendly.

5. Zoho Recruit

When you’re recruiting new workers, hundreds of applications may come your way for a single job ad. Sifting and sorting through all of them by hand is taxing work.

Thankfully, it’s possible to automate the process by integrating Zoho Recruit with Zoho Forms. Let the job candidates fill out a form and upload their CV, cover letter and other relevant files. Define mandatory form fields and map them to Zoho Recruit fields. Upon form submission, all the data will be directly transferred to the Zoho Recruit app.

This way you can have a direct overview of all candidates for a specific job opening in one place!

6. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects helps you create tasks, manage your team and organize work projects. It’s a great software solution to help you stay on track with all your project management tasks and goals.

Integration with Zoho Forms lets you create structured tasks more easily. Create a custom form for different types of tasks and make certain fields mandatory. This way you can make sure that everyone has all the relevant information spelled out in their tasks.

With every form entry, a new task will be created in your project. Designate a due date, collaborators, priorities and more to keep your teammates on track.

7. Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense is a useful tool for tracking website metrics and analyzing how users are behaving on your website. Such insights tell you what parts of your site are working optimally and which ones need to be tweaked for a better performance.

When you integrate PageSense with Zoho Forms, you can analyze your forms in a similar way. See how your respondents are interacting with your forms. Are they skipping certain questions? Is there a certain point where they give up the form? Or maybe they’re having issues with successful submission?

Whatever the problem is, this integration will help you detect it and fix it so that you don’t lose any relevant data.

8. Zoho Sheets

Send the data you’ve gathered via forms straight to a spreadsheet for easier analysis!

Integrate Zoho Forms with Zoho Sheets to automatically organize data into lists and spreadsheet tables. Create statistical analyses, manage inventory audits and keep track of your online bookings. You can filter the data, use smart formulas and extract all the information you need.

Don’t forget to share the spreadsheets with your team members so that everyone can get the data they need.

9. Zoho Flow

If your business could use the help of multiple integrations, Zoho Flow will keep everything running smoothly.

Integration with Zoho Forms will make sure that the right data gets to the right place. Set up a reliable system that will always take customer complaints to Zoho Desk, job applications to Zoho Recruit and new leads to Zoho CRM app. Set up streamlined workflows and pair Zoho Forms with 150+ apps.

Create workflows with a simple drag-and-drop and connect different apps into a single multi-step string of automated actions. The Zoho Flow-Zoho Forms integration will maximize your use of collected data.

Integrate Zoho Forms with Zoho Desk

What Zoho Forms integrations does your business need?

Zoho Forms is an efficient tool for data gathering. And it becomes even more useful when paired with other Zoho apps!

Send collected data to Zoho CRM to improve your customer relationships or provide better customer support via Zoho Desk. Make full-scale data analyses with Zoho Sheets and save time by using forms to create new tasks in Zoho Projects. Use contact data from the forms to expand your mailing list or create new leads for your sales team.

Combinations are almost endless so any business can find integrations it will benefit from.



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