Mladen Švraka | Zoho Consultant

Hi there,

my name is Mladen Švraka. I am based in a town called Zagreb which is the capital of Croatia. Let me share a few details with you about background in general and explain why I decided to focus on working with Zoho solutions. If you will have any further questions about my background or you want to get in touch feel free to get in touch.

I'm an experienced sales specialist and MBA graduate who made a career switch to become a Zoho consultant. My Zoho focus is on apps which are used to manage sales, marketing, finance and support related processes (CRM, Analytics, SalesIQ, Desk, Social, Campaigns, Inventory, Books, PageSense, Flow). When it comes to integrating Zoho apps with 3rd party solutions I focus on projects with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento. I'm also a Zoho One subscriber and use multiple Zoho apps to run my own company.
A few years ago I started learning to code and even though I wouldn't go so far to call myself a software developer this new knowledge gives me the ability to work better with developers. At the moment I have basic knowledge about Zoho Deluge and learning more about it in the near future is one of my top learning priorities. Besides Zoho's own language Deluge, I also have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL.
During the 10+ years of my sales career, I’ve been exposed to many different CRMs including Zoho, SFDC, Oracle, Microsoft and custom ones. The decision to focus on Zoho came after deploying Zoho CRM successfully in multiple companies and seeing first hand the business benefits of integration with other Zoho and 3rd party apps. My personal goal is to help companies optimize and grow their business.

I appreciate the time you took to check out my website. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss how we could work together.