Close deals faster with Zoho Sign integrations

Integrations play a key part in any digital signature application. And Zoho Sign is no exception. It is one of the most tightly integrated apps within the Zoho ecosystem, with a surprising number of integrations with third-party apps.

Be one step ahead of your competition by using the Zoho Sign to CRM integration.


Once you have Zoho Sign integrated into your CRM, you will unlock eight powerful features in your CRM account. This will allow you to digitally sign Quotes, Sales Agreements, Purchase Orders and Invoices, and much more.

Something magical happens when sending a document for signature – all the lead details (name, contact, email, etc.) from your CRM account are automatically filled in using the extension. This is a key feature if you want to save time and have a more efficient workflow.

Speaking of efficient workflows, you can set automation to send an NDA and collect a signature whenever a new lead is added to your CRM account. And to set your mind at ease about your confidential documents, you can add an additional layer of security using e-mail or SMS authentication. So, only your recipient can open the contract and sign it. Additionally, you can set the signing order, which means the document will be sent in an order. So you can do parallel signing or sequence signing.

Let’s say you are a manager or someone from the legal team, and you need to see all the legal agreements and approve them before sending them. Is there an option for that? Yes! When sending a document, there is an option to set Signer Roles:

Sign – just to sign the document, Approver – to approve or deny a document to sign, View – you will receive a signed copy of a document for viewing or In-person signer – an employee receives the document for a later in-person signing session.

To keep track of who has signed and who hasn’t, there is an option to Configure Signals, so you can get real-time notifications whenever a document is signed or declined. Apart from that, if you are a non-English speaker, or some of your clients are, you can choose from 12 signing languages.

Finally, once the document is sent, you can see it on your lead’s details page in the list of documents sent out to that lead.

How to add a layer of authenticity and have a seamless accounting experience with Zoho Sign to Zoho Books integration?


This integration is really useful if you want your own or your customer’s digital signatures on Invoices, Estimates, and Credit Notes.

Let’s say you want to send your estimate to your customer: just configure your digital signature, and you can send it to your customer. You can do the same if you want your clients to sign when they accept an estimate. To complete the transaction, you can convert the estimate to an invoice.

With this small integration, you can get your documents signed in minutes, add a layer of authenticity, accelerate your workflows, and save time and resources.

Did you know that you can create legally binding business documents directly from Zoho Desk?


Not only that, once integrated, this feature has multiple uses, but all of them lead to better customer support, a better user experience, and a faster and more organized workflow.

This is especially useful when the client sends a support request via email and the field support engineer, when resolving the request, uses a mobile Zoho Desk application that is integrated with the Zoho Sign application to get a signature from the client to close the ticket.

Or when you need written approval to continue working on a more complicated client request that is not necessarily covered by a standard service level agreement.

If you want to send documents out for signatures, open a ticket or a contact. Any attachment will be automatically displayed in the extension. You can then choose the necessary attachments or upload documents from your cloud or device. Now all that is left is to add the signer fields by dragging and dropping them onto the documents and sending them out.

Once signed, you can email a copy to your colleagues, clients, or other associates. The process is the same if you want to sign documents yourself. And the best thing is that you can track the individual status of the progression of your documents. So you know who has or hasn’t signed them yet.

4 key functions that transform the HR management process when you integrate Zoho Sign to Zoho Recruit

Every experienced HR manager knows that the ability to send documents for digital signatures is just the beginning. You have to be able to track and manage the document in case you have to modify, recall, or resend it. This is exactly what this integration helps you with. An example is sending a job offer and asking for a signature to close the deal. Afterward, if you change the deal, you can simply pull up the document, modify it, and resend it for signature.


But the real value you get comes when you automate the process using the templates. This process will help you optimize your resources and save time and money that you would have otherwise spent. When you use the templates, you reduce the job of having to redo the document over and over again.

And the cherry on top is a feature that only Zoho Sign offers — the form fields are automatically added as the Zoho Sign application can identify text tags and replace them with corresponding fields. This means that you don’t have to manually add the form fields during the document viewing screen.

What happens when you integrate Zoho Sign with Zoho People?


You magically gain the ability to collect signatures quickly after the position of your employee changes.

For example: Let’s say your employee/client got a promotion; then you need an updated signature contract and you need to send it to the employee and to his manager for signatures. This can be done with just a few clicks and without the long turnaround time.

The ability to send and track documents sent for signature is the same as in Zoho Recruit. But the difference is the ability to generate and send letters based on existing information or entries given to you by employees. Something similar to the Bulk send feature in Zoho Sign. To save time, you can automate your signing workflow by creating Mail Merge Templates. Create a basic template with tags that will pull in information from employee records or forms and create a document that you can send for signatures.

In conclusion, managing a business doesn’t have to mean a lot of complicated processes and paperwork. Zoho Sign in general is a great solution for anyone who wants to manage their business digitally, and integrations will help you grow your business faster and save your valuable time, setting you free to do whatever your heart desires.


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