Collaborate more efficiently with Zoho Cliq

Great communication makes any teamwork more effective and productive. If your business supports remote or hybrid work, easy access to information and team conversations is even more crucial. Leveling up your team’s communication can make a real difference for your end product. There are many apps on the market that aim to do just that, but Zoho Cliq is one worth considering!

Zoho Cliq was created to make team collaboration faster and simpler. It helps people work together wherever they are and stay in the loop with the rest of the team, not missing out on any important information. That’s how they can do their job as best as possible.

So, here’s a list of Zoho Cliq’s top features to consider.

1) Conversations

Send messages and make audio or video calls within the app. Share a screen to show your teammates what you’ve been working on and pin important conversations so you can always easily find them. Mention specific users or groups so they don’t miss an important message or start a secret chat to stay confidential!

There’s also another, particularly useful feature – search through all the conversations. Quickly find important messages, files or users. Let no information get lost in the chat!

2) Contacts

This feature lets you take control over your contacts list. Easily add new contacts and send invites to connect with others. Keep your contacts list neat and see the names, job titles and working status of all your team members. Know when they’re away or on a call so you can plan your conversations when they’re available.

Contact list in Zoho Cliq

3) Channels

This is one of the more useful Zoho Cliq top features. Create channels around specific topics or projects and decide who has access. Give channel participants different roles and permissions for better organization. 

For example, you can create a #marketing channel as a space for all your marketing experts to easily collaborate and share their achievements. You can do the same for your other departments like design or customer support. This way everyone sees information relevant to their work.

Create channels for specific topics or projects in Zoho Cliq

4) Video Collaboration

Host broadcast sessions to encourage video collaboration. Give a live presentation or livestream a conversation in group chats, channels or even the whole organization to keep everyone up to date with relevant updates, strategies and goals. Listeners can “raise a hand” to ask a question or share an opinion. 

The feature is great for all businesses, but especially for those operating in a hybrid or remote mode of work.

Host broadcast sessions in Zoho Cliq

5) Reminders

Zoho Cliq lets you set reminders for your tasks and upcoming meetings or calls. See your calendar and the whole list of your tasks right where you collaborate with others. This way you can plan future tasks and goals with your team members and coordinate with each other to never miss another deadline! Set reminders for yourself or assign them to others.

set reminders for your tasks and upcoming meetings or calls in Zoho Cliq

6) Event Management

Schedule and manage events like team level meetings or company level conferences. Send invites to participants and track their responses easily. Activate Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, to automate simple tasks. She’ll send reminders to participants, inform them of any changes to the event and create a group chat.

Zoho Cliq also uses smart detection to register dates in your chats and can suggest scheduling a future event.

Schedule and manage events in Zoho Cliq

7) Chatbots

Use chatbots in Zoho Cliq to make certain tasks easier. Bots can be programmed to respond to your questions, do things on your behalf or remind you of events you can’t afford to miss. For example, you can let a bot handle admin tasks like making reservations, sending out invoices or dispatching important notifications.

Make your own bots and customize them to your liking. Give them a name, description and define a set of actions they can do to help you avoid repetitive tasks.

Different chatbots in Zoho Cliq

8) Slash Commands

Use slash commands in Zoho Cliq to optimize your usage of the app.

Ditch the mouse and do everything from your keyboard, from pinning and muting a conversation to sending a chat transcript to specific users. All commands are activated with a “/” symbol – that’s how they got their name. Besides the built-in commands, you can also create custom ones to suit the needs of your own work. You can do it for yourself or as a company and let every employee use it.

9) Mobile and Desktop Apps

The app and all of its top features are available for Windows, Linux and Mac users. The download is simple and all of your team members can stay connected, even if they’re not working in the same operating system –  which is not that unusual for remote-working teams.

Zoho Cliq also comes as a mobile app! 

All the top features remain available to you even on the go. Send messages, get notifications, make audio and video calls, use bots and create quick tasks from messages. It even works on an iPad and Apple or Android watches. Stay connected even while driving, see notifications and take on calls hands-free. Also supported by CarPlay and Google Assistant.

10) Integrations

Even though Zoho Cliq is pretty useful on its own, it can be even handier when paired with other great apps. Zoho Cliq integrations with Zoho apps can help you streamline your internal communication. There are also Zoho Cliq integrations with 3rd party apps like Hubspot, Asana, Trello or Google Analytics that can bring many different benefits to your business. Click the links to learn more!


Zoho Cliq app is a great collaboration tool that lets your team stay in touch even when working remotely. Send messages, hop on calls, share screens and start live broadcasts. Keep track of your contacts and create channels, events and reminders to encourage better relations among your team mates. Optimize your work by using chatbots, slash commands and integrating with other apps. The app lets you stay connected wherever you are, just download a mobile or desktop app and get your teamwork to another level.


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