Get more from Zoho One by using Smart Services

All-in-one platforms are the perfect solution for companies that want to scale. If you’re tired of having to adjust your processes to the limitations of a software, solutions like Zoho One can support and adapt to your growth, no matter how big. Zoho One boasts of being the go-to operating system for businesses. Besides giving you access to 50+ Zoho apps and offering advanced customization options that will streamline your processes, it can also make your life easier with Smart Services.

Smart Services will help you maximize your investment in Zoho One.

Increased productivity, detailed analytics, easy search and discovery, better teamwork and simplified administration – those are just some of the advantages of using Smart Services. And let’s not forget Zia, Zoho’s AI helper! Use the newest AI technology that’s already helping dozens of companies around the world beat competitors and increase earnings.

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1) Business Intelligence

Need to make a quick business decision? Then you’ll want to have all the key data at the ready. Zoho One lets you track and quickly access your KPIs across all your departments from a single space.

There are 500+ premade reports and dashboards for you to use, share with others or embed in presentations and webpages. Of course, you can also create your own reports to double down on specific data. Vast analytic capabilities of Zoho One are powered by the Zoho Analytics app, which also allows you to blend data not just from your other Zoho apps, but also from third-party services, datasets, spreadsheets, text files and more.

2) Unified Search

When you’re using a lot of apps in your business, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right files or specific information. That’s why Zoho One bundle comes with Zia Search, your personal AI search assistant!

Zia Search can find what you need across 20+ Zoho apps, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Mail and more. It can also search through multiple accounts, portals and networks. Use filters to narrow down your inquiry and start searching from any app in the Zoho One bundle. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can reply to emails, interact with tickets and do other contextual actions directly from the search interface.

3) Unified Messaging

If you’re working with a large team or multiple teams, you surely know how important it is to keep the communication going so everyone can stay in the loop and get the job done on time. Zoho Cliq simplifies team communication for both office and remote workers.

It lets you create channels for different teams or projects, jump on quick voice or video calls and send instant messages to build relationships or solve issues. All Zoho Cliq conversations are easily searchable! View your calendar and daily tasks, create command shortcuts to automate everyday actions and use the whiteboard to draw your ideas and easily share them in chat . All conversations are data encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about information leakages.

Screen sharing, automated alerts, easy integrations and many other features make Zoho Cliq the tool for unified messaging in your business.

4) Telephony

Online communication is growing more popular by the day, but still, traditional phone calls are here to stay. Zoho One lets you enable telephony across all the Zoho apps it contains. Just configure Zoho PhoneBridge to connect your favorite telephony provider. This lets you or your teammates pick up the phone from any Zoho app!

This means you no longer have to switch tabs or apps to find the right information. The PhoneBridge integration automatically lets you view key data about the caller; this means you can ace your conversations and increase customer satisfaction. The data is pulled from all the apps so it doesn’t matter where the call comes from. You’ll immediately know if it’s a dissatisfied customer, a candidate for a job or an influencer you want to collaborate with.

The integration also allows callers to leave a voicemail which is automatically turned into a new ticket. Manage inbound and outbound calls, take quick notes during a call and dial with a single click.

5) Simplified Administration

Are you worried about how well your workers will adapt to the Zoho One suite? The Admin Dashboard will let you see how well the process of adaptation is going and later on it’ll help you discover different ways to increase productivity in your organization.

This means you can easily monitor the usage of apps and get detailed reports. Keep track of user activity, app usage and your resources – optimize when necessary! If you detect a particular pain point that your Zoho One tools can’t seem to solve, visit the One Marketplace and discover useful extensions or third-party apps, like Atlassian, Salesforce or Fleet Hub, to maximize the use of your Zoho One bundle.

As an admin, you can add an extra layer of security and enforce multi-factor authentication. Managing credentials and access permissions can be automated and your users will be able to access multiple business accounts with a single sign-in.

6) Artificial Intelligence

Zoho One gives you access to Zoho’s smart AI assistant – Zia. It doesn’t just power the unified Zia Search that we already mentioned, but it can also be a true business assistant!

AI can help your sales team by analyzing your customers, their behavior and sales patterns. It can use the data to cross-sell, suggest the best time to contact clients, scrape the internet to gather information on your leads and it can even chat with your sales reps to quickly update client data. It will even show related items to shoppers in your webshop based on their interests! Zia can help you create predictions and determine which deals are more likely to close. This means sales managers can better prioritize and assign tasks.

Zia bot can also be embedded on your website to answer most common questions and reduce the load on your customer support team.

Ask Zia to generate reports, predict trends and patterns or detect anomalies. Use it to get suggestions on how to improve your workflows and make them more efficient! Zia can correct your grammar, translate messages in 16 languages, organize your notes or even add a new task to a project if you ask her to do so.

Use Smart Services to maximize your Zoho One experience

Zoho One’s Smart Services will help you analyze your business in depth, search for files across all apps and connect all your team members via a unified messaging platform. Manage inbound and outbound phone calls with greater control and efficiency. Use Zia to get productive suggestions based on data and improve your sales and customer support outcomes. And most importantly, keep an eye on everything that’s going on from the Admin Dashboard.


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Get more from Zoho One by using Smart Services

All-in-one platforms are the perfect solution for companies that want to scale. If you’re tired of having to adjust your processes to the limitations of a software, solutions like Zoho One can support and adapt to your growth, no matter how big. Zoho One boasts of being the go-to operating system for businesses. Besides giving

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