Get the most out of Zoho Survey with these 4 integrations

In a sea of various business tools that one can use, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Each tool is useful in its own way, but having too many means the information you need is scattered in different places. And that means you’ll be hopping from one to the next, and then all over again. Wouldn’t it be nice to simplify and have it all in one place?

This is why integrations are so useful. You still get all the benefits of different tools, but now they’re connected. You can use them together to streamline your productivity. Zoho Survey generator tool is no exception. You can simplify and get more use out of the app just by integrating it with other Zoho business tools. Save time and get more out of the data you collect.

Read on to learn more about Zoho Survey integrations.

Integration with Zoho CRM

Zoho survey_CRM_integration

Zoho’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps businesses keep track of all the communication with their current and potential customers or leads. Integrating it with Zoho Survey allows for a more complete approach.

The integration allows you to send survey links to contacts and leads from the CRM. Respondents’ answers are then visible in the CRM and can be automatically synchronized with the data you already have there. This gives you a more complete overview of the situation. The integration also allows you to view answers from individual respondents. And since you already have some information on the person in the CRM, you can view the new data within context. The respondent’s details, survey answers, email, your previous communication – it’s all there, available in the CRM. You can use all this to tailor your approach to future communication.

For example, you may want to contact someone based on their survey answers. It can either be to get more details or to offer them a product or service that seems like a good fit. To do that, you won’t have to manually switch between the CRM, email and your survey builder. All the relevant data will be right there, in the Zoho CRM, and you’ll always be up to date. This will both save you time and help you make better offers to customers.

Zoho Survey extension for Zoho Desk


Customer support is a necessary part of almost any business. Zoho Desk is an app that helps companies solve their customers’ issues and complaints. Zoho Survey extension for Zoho Desk gathers feedback needed to raise the quality of customer service.

The integration means that you can find out how to make your customer service even better directly from your customers. Send out surveys to see how happy people are with your agents. Do they manage to solve their issues? Are they polite enough? How long do people have to wait to have their problem solved? Create surveys with Zoho Survey builder and send them out directly from the Zoho Desk. And you can choose from more than 200 templates within the survey generator.

Another option is to ask customers to leave a rating after each call or session with an agent. This requires less time from them, but makes it easier for you to track each agent’s performance. You may use this data not only to improve your customer service, but also to give praise where praise is due.

Pair Zoho’s survey builder with Zoho Campaigns


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your audience. And building lasting relationships with them. Zoho Campaigns lets you manage your mailing lists, create email campaigns, and track results you’re getting from them. Zoho Survey and Zoho Campaigns integration let you efficiently gather more data. Just include your surveys in your email campaigns.

You’ll be able to send out your surveys to many more people at once. To everyone on your mailing list, that is. With just Zoho Survey, you can send a maximum of 3000 emails per day, but with Zoho Campaigns the limit is gone. You can also choose to send different surveys to different mailing groups if you wish so. This way you can make your questions more relevant to a specific audience.

Zoho Campaigns also lets you see individual data for each survey. So, instead of having all the data grouped together, you’ll be able to see the answers of each respondent if that’s what you need. This way you can better analyze the information within a relevant context.

Zoho Survey Advanced Analytics integration


Gathering the data you need is just half of a job done. It all amounts to nothing without proper analysis. Zoho Survey Advanced Analytics is an integration that lets you manage and shape your data in any way you deem necessary.

It lets you create any kind of report or dashboard you may need. And no, you don’t have to use just the information gathered via your survey builder. You can use any data from any other source that’s relevant to you and join it together with the survey data. This will let you create more relevant and contextually accurate reports.

This Zoho integration also lets you share your reports or schedule emails to send them out. You can export them as PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel and image files. And you can embed them in websites. So, there’s pretty much no limitation on how you’ll present your analyzed data or who you’ll share it with.

You now understand what each integration with Zoho Survey generator has to offer. I hope this helps you decide more easily on which one suits your business needs the best!



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