Google Play and App Store Reviews as Zoho Desk Tickets

Are you currently having to manually note, sort, and track all your products’ reviews on your Google Play and Apple App Store? It’s quite a time-consuming task. Don’t worry; it could be worse – you could decide to ignore them altogether and miss out on many customers that these poor reviews will undoubtedly deter.

Or, it could be much, much better – simply by taking advantage of all the benefits that using Zoho Desk comes with.

Zoho Desk gives you the ability to manage all of your customer support activities from one place. It allows you to assign and track all the alerts and tickets easily. Another fun and entirely valuable thing about Zoho Desk is that it will enable you to customize your Zoho Desk for your business to ensure maximum results when it comes to customer satisfaction. Now, if you have apps on Google Play or App Store, this becomes incredibly useful.

The main focus of the Zoho Desk is to help your business put its customers solely at the front – when they’re experiencing any issue, you should respond to their requests and address any questions they might have promptly. Even if they have used, well, a tad unorthodox way to express their happiness or dissatisfaction with your product, such as one of these stores.

If you don’t want to risk losing your customers’ respect by not answering their reviews, you can now get all your Google Play and App Store reviews in one place – your Zoho Desk!

How Zoho Desk Helps with These App Reviews

Integrate reviews from app store

Without going into troublesome details, let’s say that if you decide to set this up, Zoho Desk will treat both Play Store and App Store as a ticket channel. Essentially, your support team will receive your customers’ reviews as a ticket.

Now, you can further set whether you would like all reviews per particular app to come in as a single ticket or if you’d prefer the Desk to present you with a single one. It mainly depends on the number of app reviews you get, but it is good to know that you can adjust it to work with your customer support team rather than against it.

Another exciting feature is that this integration will allow you to direct these app reviews to relevant teams. You can effortlessly assign any appropriate department within your Zoho Desk to a proper app. This way, your support team for the Android app will not get confused with the ticket relevant to the iOS app, for example.

Lastly, but most importantly, features that apply to other support channels will not be lost here. Yes, I’m talking about creating reports, automating your tickets, and all the other benefits that come with using Zoho Desk as your support system.

In short – if you have an app on either Google Play or App Store, you need to take advantage of this integration. Good reviews on these stores are as critical as every piece of marketing material you’ve ever come up with.

Integrate reviews from the Google Play into Zoho Desk

Which Solutions Does This Work With?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry. These reviews will land as tickets into Zoho Desk’s most notable editions, including Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Also, you can take advantage of this excellent feature even if you use CRM Plus or Zoho One bundles, as Zoho Desk is a part of them too.

Zoho Desk – A True Game-Changer

Gathering all your customers feedback into Zoho desk

All in all, it’s another confirmation that Zoho Desk is the most robust tool you can have in your arsenal when dealing with customer reviews, questions, and complaints.

Once you set this option up, you can relax and forget about when you had to waste your agents’ time by asking them to go through every single ticket on Google Play and App Store manually – and still miss a lot of them.

Now, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can gather all your customers’ feedback inside your Zoho Desk and address it as effortlessly as other tickets already in there. If you want to make your customers feel heard, Zoho Desk is the way to go!


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