Use Zoho Desk to manage YouTube comments

Comments are a perfect way of interacting with your audience and getting feedback on your videos. When people comment, it gives you a way of knowing what your audience thinks and feels about your videos, and each subsequent reply you write gives value to your viewers as they feel like their opinion is appreciated. 


The biggest advantage of having people comment? It gives room for higher engagement and interactions which greatly helps when you’re trying to grow your community and subscribers list. 


But, having in mind that your content is spread across different platforms and not just YouTube, it may feel a bit of a herculean task keeping up with all your comments and interaction. Before you know it, you lose track of your YouTube comments. Soon enough, you’ll start getting a bad rap from your viewers for not making them feel valued. If that’s not what you’re aiming for, you should give Zoho Desk a serious thought! 

How Zoho Desk Helps You Grow Your YouTube Community

Zoho Desk Helps You Grow Your YouTube Community

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping track of all the comments on all your videos on YouTube. If you thought it was easier said than done, then you haven’t tried Zoho Desk!

As you grow your community, attract more subscribers, and have more and more people commenting with each passing day, you’ll have a lot more to handle than when you were first starting. First and foremost, seeing and replying to all the comments will get overwhelming quickly, and that’s the one thing you should never stop doing.

With the YouTube for Zoho Desk extension, you get to focus on the important thing – your viewers. By allowing you to manage all your YouTube comments from inside the Zoho Desk, this software will lift the weight off your shoulders. 

You can create tickets for your YouTube videos effortlessly to track your viewers’ comments and ‘resolve’ them as simple as you’d resolve Play Store and App Store tickets created using the Zoho Desk. Merely write a reply to the tickets and they’ll be automatically added as replies on the corresponding YouTube video. 

Key Features of the Zoho Desk YouTube Extension

There’s a lot to be said about the usefulness of the YouTube extension, but the most prominent features that helped thousands of people grow their YouTube channels include: 

  • Effortless video commenting and replying to all your YouTube videos 
  • Easy tracking of all comments of a particular video on a single ticket 
  • Simplified replies by adding the response in Zoho Desk

In short, Zoho Desk connects to YouTube as a ticket channel. What does this mean for you? As an aspiring YouTuber, you will be able to resolve tickets before you can say ‘reply’! 

Install the Zoho Desk YouTube extension and take advantage of Zoho Desk’s views, workflows, and macros! 

How to Install the Zoho Desk YouTube Extension

Zoho Desk youtube extension

There’s not much you need to do to start using the YouTube extension. Start by choosing where you’ll install the extension from – the Zoho marketplace or your Zoho Desk account.

Whichever source you choose, the installation is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow Zoho’s step-by-step guide and you’re all set up to make the most of the YouTube extension! 

Grow with Zoho

Zoho’s number one mission is to make it as easy as possible for people to conduct business. Out of this idea, the YouTube extension was born. Nowadays, it serves as a proven way to grow YouTube communities, reach larger audiences, and a shortcut to success.

Get the Zoho Desk YouTube extension and make your dreams of being a famous YouTuber or growing your business come true!


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