Have You Integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Desk Yet?

Everybody loves an excellent and problem-solving product. Businesses coming up with these products love nothing more than having as many new and returning happy customers as possible.

Turning an interested window-shopper into your customer is not easy. Instead, it is a great success, especially since they likely already have more than enough options. Having the same customer return again to your business is a significant accomplishment. To make this happen, businesses such as yours typically use customer-facing teams. With more prominent companies, it means having both a sales and a support team.

Both of these communicate with clients through a set of tools. Sales teams use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Support teams typically use help desks or other ticket-based systems. Unfortunately, with many up-and-coming businesses, these two rarely work together. Still, it is how you get happy and returning customers.

So, if your teams use Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk, I hope you have already integrated the two. It is the ultimate combination for growing your sales revenue in no time!

If you haven’t, here is why you should reach out and have me help you set it up.

Integrating Sales With Support Will Drastically Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Integrating Sales with Support

Let me try and paint you a picture: You have a fast food place that you frequently visit these days. You used to go to another one, but this one offered you a special discount for pancakes every Thursday. The cashier knows about the deal and already knows your order by heart. They always add extra Nutella to the pancakes, too.

But, one day, there is a new cashier, and you have to repeat the order. They charge you full price for the pancakes, and Nutella is nowhere in sight. How would you feel?

If you feel uneasy by reading this – this is how your customers feel when they reach your support team, and the team is clueless. You are bound to feel uneasy. The product doesn’t “taste as good” anymore, and you might feel disappointed and ready to take your business elsewhere. If the support team has no idea about what was agreed with the sales, it could easily turn into a disaster.

Improving your relationship with clients should be your number one priority. Having your sales and support team have the same data when communicating with the clients can make all the difference.

Integrating these two tools will allow your customer service representatives to pull customers’ profiles from the CRM. From there, they can see all the needed information within the support ticket. The plenty of information will improve the support your representative will provide your customers, leaving them happy and feeling supported.

Helps Turn An Unhappy Customer Into a Happy and Returning One

Turn an unhappy customer into a happy one into

If we’re to stick with the pancake analogy – a business owner might wake up and find a poor review left by this customer.  A lousy business person would be desperate about this. A good business person would think of this as an opportunity and work on turning it into a win-win situation.

They can offer a more significant discount for the next time, or even free goodies. And who would say no to free ice cream?

The same applies to your business, regardless of your niche. Every poor comment, review, or angry ticket left for your customer support team is an opportunity for your sales team. A good sales team can effortlessly turn it into a customer retention success.

By interlinking your CRM and Desk, both teams will have all the needed information on the issue at hand. With it, they will more likely solve the situation in a personalized and timely, therefore, effective manner.

You Can Upsell and Cross-sell While Providing Customer Support

Upsell and Cross-sell

Your customer support team is not there only to provide help when something goes sideways. They also likely receive many questions about the product every day.

People trying to get to know more about your product are very likely people who are actually interested in purchasing it. They are looking to find out if it is the right product or service for their problem and have doubts about whether the investment will be worth it.

These types of questions typically land in your customer support inbox. From there, these customers should be transferred to your sales representatives as soon as possible.

Integrating Zoho Desk with CRM allows the so-called Handshake mode. Support teams can mark potential clients for your sales team and help them turn interested inquisitive visitors into a sale. With this option, your sales team will never miss a possible deal – even when the customers contact support instead of reaching out to the sales team.

All in All

These two excellent tools both have their own set of benefits for customer-oriented teams. But, when combined, you get the best of both worlds within a couple of steps!

Need help integrating these two excellent tools? Fill in the form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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