Utilize these Zoho Social integrations to grow your social media presence

Zoho Social is an all-in-one social media management tool that helps everyone from small business owners to marketing experts to schedule and monitor their posts, analyze audiences, and much more. However, one thing that makes this platform stand out is its game-changing integrations.

What happens when you use social media monitoring the right way?

The answer? Magic happens! – You magically generate new leads and contacts, you magically have more time, and your business is magically doing better than ever before. All magic tricks have a step-by-step how-to, and the first step for generating new leads is to connect Zoho Social to Zoho CRM. This integration will give you the option to generate CRM Reports. Repots, where you can manually add leads or set rules to automate the lead generation process from different social actions.

What does that mean?

An automated lead generation process means that you will save time, increase your efficiency, profitability, and your income.


The magic happens when you select whether you want to gain new leads when someone likes or comments on your Ad, sends a message, or posts on your page wall. Whenever someone comments or sends a message with a certain keyword of your choice, the lead automation process will mark this person as a Lead or a Contact. A perfect example is when someone comments on your Facebook company page and says, “Can I talk to the salesperson?” – that can become a lead! This may look like a small step, but marking is a huge help for communicating with your sales team. And one way how social media marketing can help sales teams close more deals. Which means more money for you.

But there is a smarter way to use data from CRM Reports:

The report you get can tell you how many leads were generated, which social network did they come from, or what social actions were performed. In reports, you can also see what is the total potential you created from these networks (example: 20 open, 10 won, 3 lost), and most importantly, what revenue came out of it. This can serve as a basis for making informed decisions regarding the profitability of your marketing campaigns. And a way to attribute revenue to social channels.

We’ve shown how the CRM integration to Zoho Social can help you get more leads and contacts.

But did you know that you can do that directly from CRM?

And at the same time facilitate teamwork, save time and reduce expenses in advertising!

Once you log in to Zoho CRM, go to Settings. Go to Social under the Channels panel. There you will see Automate Lead Generation. Here you can set if someone from Facebook or Twitter posts on your site, comments, likes, or sends you a message, you can turn them directly into a Lead or a Contact in your CRM. This means that you no longer have to manually download CSV files from Facebook to view your leads. Also, you can automatically push leads to Zoho CRM from Zoho Social and let your sales team convert them into customers.

How to save time by creating and uploading content directly from Canva in Zoho Social?


Let’s say you need to reproduce posts for your social media channel. First, you need to create them, usually in Canva, the most popular free graphic design platform. Then you have to download it and upload it again to social media – a dreadful process that involves waiting again until the upload is finished.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could skip the waiting part? With Zoho Socials’ Canva integration, you can do just that!

When you want to create a new post, go to attach multiple photos or a Video. There you will see the Design on Canva option.

From there you can choose what kind of post you want to design – for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Select which one you want, and it will open Canva. Once there you can pick the template that you like, fully edit it and transfer it into Zoho Social. Ready for you to publish it.

How does a small ticket from Zoho Desk integration improve client-employee communication in Zoho Social?


Before you explore the features, you need to know what a ticket is. A ticket is a tool that gives the context you need to engage better, provide the best customer support, and help your sales team close deals faster. Tickets can be created from Zoho Social after you sign in to Zoho Desk and connect it to your social media page(s). Convert to Ticket button will appear next to each post your page was mentioned. A ticket ID will be assigned to the post, and it will be imported to Zoho Desk. You can click on the ticket, and it will take you directly to the Zoho Desk where you can see all the past interactions with the customer, work with the ticket status (Open, On Hold, Escalated, or Closed) and assignment.

In conclusion, when it comes to growing your presence on social media, Zoho Social integrations with Zoho CRM, Canva, and Zoho Desk are the perfect tools for that. It is a great way to have the information organized and to be able to post and generate leads all from one tool that is simple and easy to use.


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