Integrate Zoho CRM and Campaigns To Power Up Email Marketing

With Zoho Campaigns, you can automate your email marketing efforts and send behavior-targeted and data-driven emails that your buyers will appreciate. Additionally, you’ll get detailed analytical reports that’ll help you grade the performance of your email campaigns.

In the long run, Zoho Campaigns helps you optimize your overall engagement strategy and improve the conversion rate!

When working together, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho’s CRM is a winning combo for your email marketing efforts. Simply put, upon integrating Zoho Campaigns with Zoho CRM, you get to significantly decrease the time you’d otherwise spend on building email lists of all the leads and contacts you want to target with your email campaign.

But, that’s not all! Stick with me as I outline all the benefits you can reap from integrating Zoho’s CRM and Campaigns.

Sync with the CRM

Sync Zoho CRM

When you sync your Zoho CRM account with Zoho Campaigns, you get the best of both worlds. After successfully integrating the two, the values of the mapped CRM fields will be transferred to the Zoho Campaign fields. From there, you can further customize the field mapping to meet your needs.

To further increase the overall user experience, Zoho put forward two types of Zoho CRM and Campaigns integrations. Depending on your needs and business objectives, you can choose between:

1. Periodic Sync

Easily set up routine syncs that allow you to import records from Zoho CRM to Zoho Campaigns based on your schedule – once, daily, weekly, or monthly.

2. Immediate Sync

If you need to be aware of all the changes whenever they happen, the immediate sync enables users to see changes made in the CRM account directly in their Zoho Campaigns account in real-time.

Automation Capabilities

Automation Capabilities with Zoho CRM

A well-planned communication strategy is the core of successful email marketing. Zoho Campaigns helps you engage your audience with personalized and behavior-centric emails by relying on a trigger and action system.

With Zoho’s automation options, you get to send a series of emails with a single click or build a criteria-based email journey. Whatever your email marketing needs are – from building new relationships with potential clients to nurturing existing ones to converting your leads – you can set up automated emails for all your email marketing needs with ease.

Thanks to Campaigns’ drag-and-drop builder, you can easily create winning engagement strategies even if you have no design or email marketing background. The available templates allow you to craft email campaigns tailored to your specific needs.

Additionally, you can automate contact follow-up at the right time using a series of automated emails called autoresponders. These work great for any type of email, whether you want to send a welcome series, best birthday or anniversary wishes, seasonal promotions, or whatever comes to mind.

Reporting Capabilities

Reporting Capabilities with Zoho CRM

If you want to keep updated with all relevant insights and statistics regarding your email performance, Zoho Campaigns offers the tools. By staying in touch with how your recipients interact with your emails, you can quickly determine your next move. Instead of A/B testing over and over again, you get to see which links have received the most clicks, learn which email addresses have bounced and why, and who you should target next, ultimately determining what works best for your email marketing efforts.

Zoho Campaigns also automatically moves spam addresses to a do-not-mail list, so you won’t waste your time or effort sending emails to prospects that are unlikely to convert. The icing on the cake – you can find out how your social media campaigns are performing with access to reports about likes, comments, tweets, and shares.

The Verdict

After all that has been said, it’s easy to conclude that Zoho’s CRM and Campaigns products will not only ease the job for you but integrating the two will unlock new possibilities for your business. As the one-stop solution for all your email marketing and customer service needs, this is the integration that will change the way you do business for the better!

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