Integrate Zoho Inventory with Zoho Apps to Increase Productivity

Having a detailed overview of your inventory, warehouses and shipping is great, but placing all that within the context of your whole business is even better. And that’s what Zoho Inventory integrations with other Zoho apps will get you. Unified and synced data, automated and simplified processes, time saved and human errors avoided; those are all the benefits that well-designed integrations can get you. Connect Inventory with Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk and more to sync different departments and increase productivity.

Zoho apps were built to work together. This makes their implementation pain-free for you and cost-efficient for your business. So read on to learn more!

1) Zoho Books

Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory already come integrated, you just need to log in to get all the benefits. Communication and exchange of data between the apps is smooth. In Books, you can account for each item you have registered in Inventory. This means any sales or purchases noted in Inventory will automatically appear in Zoho Books, so you won’t have to input the changes manually.

Inventory’s advanced features like backorders or multi-warehouse management allow you to track everything that happens with items in Zoho Books. Inventory will also let you track the whole journey of every sales order made in Books, from placing an order to shipping and delivery. In short, the integration lets you view key information from any of the apps.

2) Zoho CRM

Zoho’s CRM software is extremely useful when it comes to making your sales process more efficient. Well, now you can integrate it with Zoho Inventory to close the circle. Continue with automation even after you’ve convinced a buyer to place an item into their shopping cart to create an optimized order management flow, minimize human error and achieve faster delivery times.

The integration syncs all the data from both apps and unifies your database. Your accounts, vendors, contacts, product information – it’s all connected. Zoho Inventory also expands your selling opportunities! It’s integrated with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy, as well as numerous shipping carriers and even payment gateways. Connecting your CRM with all of these via Inventory can skyrocket your earnings.

3) Zoho Desk

Customers will contact your help desk when their packages are late, lost or when what they received isn’t what they ordered. Integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho Inventory will give your support agents all the context they need to solve the issue at hand quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Customer’s billing and shipping address, details about their recent shipments, orders and invoices, as well as the status of sent packages – all that is at the tip of your agent’s fingers. Such access to data allows them to quickly detect the issue and decide on the best solution.

And if you’re worried about data protection, rest at ease. The app lets you set up permissions that determine how agents interact with data.

4) Zoho Analytics

As one of the most powerful Zoho apps, Zoho Analytics is a perfect addition to Zoho Inventory. Its AI-empowered analytics will give you all the reports you might ever want or need.

The integration comes with 100+ pre-made dashboard or report templates and 50+ pre-built visualizations that you can start using immediately. Of course, you can also create your own! Choose which fields or modules from Inventory you want to have synced. Then combine the chosen data with data from your other apps and data sources, like Zoho Books, Zoho Desk or simple spreadsheets for a full analytic overview.

Besides helping you monitor your products, shipments and returns, the integration also offers key insights into the productivity of each of your warehouses. And your business on the whole!

5) Zoho Sign

Skip pen and paper and switch to digital signatures by integrating Zoho Sign with Zoho Inventory. That’s especially important if most of your earnings come from online sales. Signatures can add an additional layer of authenticity and reliability to your sales and ordering process.

Employ the integration to let users digitally sign invoices with a single click before they are sent to customers. Make it a necessary step in your automation, so no invoice can be sent off before being reviewed and signed by a person in charge. It’s an efficient way to minimize errors.

6) Zoho Cliq

Bring all the necessary information from Zoho Inventory directly to your team! Integrate with Zoho Cliq to keep them updated and on their feet. Connect specific channels with Inventory and let your team get notified about new orders placed, stock updates and other sales updates from your marketplaces or shopping carts.

Don’t worry, this won’t spam your Cliq channels. Update notifications are pushed once every few hours or once a day. This way all the new notifications are grouped, making it easier to keep track of changes and act upon them. Plus, your teammates won’t get overwhelmed.

7) Zoho SalesIQ

If you’re using Zoho SalesIQ to reach out to prospects and customers at just the right time (and let them reach out to you), then you understand what a game-changer live chat support can be in creating the best customer experience possible.

Integrating it with Zoho Inventory will help you establish a live chat support where you can answer all your customer’s questions about their packages and orders. All the info will be instantly accessible for you to quickly and accurately respond to inquiries. Simply connect Zoho SalesIQ with your chosen portals to offer live chat on specific websites and get started.

8) Zoho Mail

Is email your favorite type of online communication? Even if it’s not, chances are you’re using them on a day to day basis in your business. Zoho Inventory combines beautifully with Zoho Mail. The integration gives you easy access to any emails that have been exchanged with vendors, customers or shipping carriers, all within Zoho Inventory.

This means that all your emails will be synced with Inventory and you can attach them to any invoices if you so wish. Let no correspondence get lost ever again.

Get more out of Zoho Inventory with game-changing integrations

Connect your inventory and order management system with other key parts of your business. Keep your stocks, orders and invoices aligned with your accounting, sales or customer support and integrate with Zoho Books, Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk. Unify your data and connect all the key apps to a single database to produce detailed analyses with Zoho Analytics. You can also use Zoho integrations to simplify your existing processes with digital signatures, timely notifications, live chatting and on hand emails.

The best part is that all the apps we’ve mentioned are a part of the same ecosystem – they are built to work together and bring you a seamless experience.



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