PandaDoc Implementation

Implementing PandaDoc helps streamline the process for tracking, negotiating, approving and e-Signing proposals, quotes, contracts and any other electronic documents. It enables effective electronic signature workflows and quick process completion, contributing to an overall improvement in business productivity and efficiency.

Electronic Signatures

Obtaining handwritten signatures is time-consuming and hard to track especially if you need multiple people to sign a single document. Using electronic signatures instead can not only help in saving time but can also enhance accuracy and represent you more professionally. Companies of all sizes and from various sectors can benefit from the adoption of electronic signatures.

Document Analytics

The document analytics feature of PandaDoc helps in tracking documents or contracts once you share it with people. You can check for the time spent by every participant and get instant notifications when the sales proposal is viewed, commented or signed, saving your time and efforts. Instead of emailing back and forth you can use comments in the document to agree on content changes.

Template Library

When sending a proposal to a new client, you can choose a template tailored to your needs. From a group of more than 450 templates, select the best one which suits your industry as well as the sector you are in, making things easier and efficient for you. Before you start creating your own templates check out the available ones for tax returns, quotes, invoices, contracts and many other uses.

Zoho CRM Integration

Create proposals, invoices and contracts which are prepopulated with client data stored in your Zoho CRM.  From tracking of documents for analysis to collaborating on them, the tool is great for use by the business. You can collect the needed signatures faster with and view the status of each document sent to your leads and contacts inside the Zoho CRM.