Mladen Švraka | Zoho Consultant


Deciding which Zoho apps are the best fit for your business requirements takes time to research. With over 40 apps in Zoho's portfolio it is easy to get lost in all the features and available integrations between Zoho apps and 3rd party solutions. For example, you can choose a standalone app like Zoho CRM to manage sales processes or app bundles like Zoho CRM Plus or Zoho One to expand capabilities and manage marketing, support, analytics, automation, finance and project management processes as well.

After your choice is made, a customized implementation plan tailored for your specific business processes is needed to enable you to get the most out of your investment in Zoho licenses. Choosing a critical app like a CRM, a marketing automation system or a support ticketing system should not be taken lightly as they are great business enablers when implemented properly.

My implementation approach is based on providing you a long term vision of where your company could go with your chosen Zoho apps. Gaining a better understanding of where you are currently and where you want to go as a business enables me to propose a better implementation plan. Once we discuss and agree on the plan for your Zoho implementation the work can begin.

Implementation includes organizational and user setup, customization of all CRM modules according to business processes, setup of process automations and creation of reports for users and management. Initial implementations usually last between 3 weeks and 3 months. Additional features can be implemented in the future as needed.


Customization services include work related to everything that is not included in built-in functionality. Implementation services are related to built-in capabilities.

Common customization examples include custom functions, custom formulas and integrations between Zoho and 3rd party apps like e-commerce, automation, analytics or advertising platforms.


Standard training services for Zoho administrators and users include one-on-one training sessions, team training sessions, creation of training documents and training videos.

Customized training services are available upon request.


Providing user support and/or handling communication with Zoho support about platform related issues.