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Is your organization experiencing bottlenecks in different business processes? Do your reports lack insights that enable you to make informed decisions?

Zoho tools can be used to optimize and continually improve processes and enable better collaboration between your employees, customers and vendors. Insightful reports based on data from running your processes will enable you to make informed decisions about day-to-day operations and the implementation of further process improvements.

As a Zoho Certified Consultant who has worked with more than 150 clients so far, I can help your organization get the most out of your Zoho apps and become a better version of itself.


If you are struggling to pinpoint which processes could be optimized, or which tools you should integrate to accomplish it, let’s discuss and find both the room and the routes for improvement.

Navigating the licences

Wondering which licences would fit your organization and your budget the best?

Review of current setup

Already using some of the Zoho tools, but they are not bringing the results you hoped for?

Process Improvement

You can manage almost any business process by using different Zoho solutions. Below are some of the process improvement areas that are my speciality.

Sales and Marketing

Optimize the lead generation, lead qualification and deal management processes, as well as the management of your sales team


Improve the quality of your customer support and enable your support teams to communicate with clients across multiple communication channels

Finance and Accounting

Manage warehouse operations more efficiently, track employee expenses and develop a better understanding of your financial transactions with vendors and clients

Project Management

Get more control over your project portfolio in order to deliver your projects within agreed timeframes and budgets


Transferring knowledge to your Zoho administrators and users enables your organization to get the most value from investment in Zoho licenses. My goal is to train every client organization to effectively administer and use their Zoho apps so that they become as self-reliant as possible.

Customized Training Sessions

As someone who has taken many official Zoho trainings and worked with many clients I can deliver custom training tailor to your specific business needs

Online Delivery and Recording

Training is delivered fully online and can be recorded so that your teams can used them for reference as well


Providing you with support after a successful implementation ensures that your processes run smoothly. My standard business hours for handling support requests are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM CET/CEST.

Next Business Day Response

I strive to respond to support requests within one business day and depending on complexity resolve them as soon as possible

Email Support

Many issues can be resolved by a simple email exchange which will allow a track record to refer back to in case a similar issue occurs in the future

Remote Support Calls

It’s more productive to resolve some issues in a live troubleshooting session which can be booked at least one business day in advance

Communication With Vendor

In some cases, it is needed to involve Zoho support and I can help you handle the communication with them as well


Need help selecting the right Zoho tools and apps that would fit your business the best?

*Free 1-hour consulting sessions available for selected clients

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Need help selecting the right Zoho tools and apps that would fit your business the best?

*Free 1-hour consulting sessions available for selected clients

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