Zoho tools can be used to optimize and continually improve processes to enable better collaboration between your employees, customers and vendors. Insightful reports based on data from running your processes will enable you to make informed decisions about day-to-day operations and the implementation of further process improvements.

As an owner of a Zoho Advanced Partner company and a Zoho Certified Consultant who has worked with more than 150 clients so far, I can help your organization get the most out of your Zoho apps and become a better version of itself.

Process Audit

We start with a good understanding of where you are now as an organization and map out the processes you want to improve. Through the audit, we identify bottlenecks and agree on which Zoho based solutions should be used for implementing improvements.

Process Improvement

Zoho solutions agreed in the process audit are implemented based on your company’s improvement goals. Zoho and any other apps your company will be utilizing are implemented to work together seamlessly and ensure process improvements.

Custom App Development

Each company has unique requirements that could be hard to solve with any Zoho app. To address such situations, custom solutions can be developed with Zoho Creator, a platform for building custom applications that can easily work together with standard Zoho apps.

Business Intelligence

Making informed data-driven decisions is one of the main keys to success for any company. Zoho Analytics is a BI platform that can be connected with multiple data sources. This enables companies to build blended reports and get valuable insights.


Transferring knowledge to your Zoho administrators and users enables your organization to get the most value from investment in Zoho apps. My goal is to train every client organization to become as self-reliant as possible.


Providing you with support after a successful implementation ensures that your processes run smoothly. My standard business hours for handling support requests are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM CET/CEST.