SMS-Magic Implementation

The SMS-Magic is a must-implement aspect of Zoho. From communicating with your customers with a personal touch to enabling global messaging through the best of networks, SMS-Magic has got it all for you. In fact, integrating this with Zoho CRM as well as Salesforce integration enables you to easily, effectively and efficiently deal with customers. 

Global Text Messaging

The global messaging network offers secure, scalable, and compliant international messaging services. With 190+ global networks, you have the option to support the local nuances and the specific requirements for each country. In fact, the SMS Smart Throttling enables better traffic management, thereby avoiding blocked numbers, and message delivery failures.

Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM Integration helps you with providing personalized customer service. This feature allows you to get previous conversation history and offer a focus response to the customers. Offering hassle-free messaging, multi-channel, and flexible messaging service options, the SMS Magic comes with secured data privacy. Additionally, the reporting option of SMS magic gives you analytics information about your ROI, delivery rates, budgets, and delivery summary.

Salesforce Integration

Responding to consumers queries related to salesforce Converse app builds is very useful. Conversational messaging simply prioritize and close the leads on the worklist comes with auto-response templates and contributes to better lead conversion. SMS Magic helps you in better customer relationship management solution between dealer and customer. Salesforce Integration is one central platform to manage various CRM features.

Analytics & Dashboards

SMS analytics and dashboards keep track and control of SMS and messaging results.Zoho’s analytics and dashboards feature give access to real-time dashboards. This feature gathers information like message delivery and failure status and lets you have the needed insights based on the same.