Solve Endless Emailing with Instructional Videos

Hippo Video is an online video marketing platform that allows you to market and showcase your products or services to audiences on the platform. With Hippo, you can easily customize your videos and give a unique touch to the content you wish to stream. It essentially leverages your video assets to lift your marketing, sales, and email campaigns. Ultimately, it provides you with actionable analytics to help your marketing. What do you get in return? Boosted sales and overall business growth! 

Why You Need to Integrate Hippo Videos and Zoho Desk


By incorporating Hippo Video and Zoho Desk, you get a lot of valuable and useful features which can significantly increase your sales. Upon integrating Zoho Desk with Hippo Videos, you get to create and share videos for your work-related goals. 

If you’d like to easily create how-to videos, product demo videos, resolution videos for customer issues, customer testimonial videos of happy clients, and much more, then the Hippo Videos and Zoho Desk integration is for you! You can also create a quick screen/webcam video, share the created videos from your library, or ask customers to record their issues from Zoho Desk.

Probably the strongest suit of this integration is the ability to send your customers instructional videos.


You’d normally think of sending dozens of emails to customers when they encounter a hitch or problem which they are not able to fix themselves. The neverending back-and-forth email communication takes a lot of time, and to make things worse, half of the time the issue is not resolved which leads to customer dissatisfaction. 

But now, you can rely on the powerful Zoho Desk and Hippo Video integration; all your customers need to do is click on the instructional video you made with the help of this integration, and voila!, problem fixed! 

Hippo and Zoho Desk Integration – Pros

Some of the most useful features of the Hippo integration with Zoho Desk – just to name a few – include:

Ticket resolution

Your customers are experiencing problems? Solve it in a video and share it with your audience. Emails are now thing of the past! 

Video tickets

If you want to ensure the success of your business, you have to take proper care of your customers. By giving them a chance to ask questions via video and have their agent answer them directly, your customers are guaranteed to keep coming back to do more business with you!

How-to videos

If you keep receiving reports for the same issue from different customers, you can create tutorials and show them how to resolve the problem themselves. Not only will you save time on responding to hundreds of the same reports, but you’ll make your customers feel like they’ve got this and they’re in charge! 

Easy sharing

Videos have become among the most powerful types of content today. With this integration, you get to easily share videos through a URL or have them embedded in your knowledge base for future use. Of course, you can also send them as an email, or post them on social media to spread bread awareness!

With the Zoho Desk and Hippo Video integration, the possibilities are virtually endless!

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