Ensure that the cloud apps you use to run your business perform to the highest standards and receive support from an experienced, trained and certified Zoho consultant who has helped over 100 clients. My standard business hours during which support requests are handled are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6PM CET/CEST.

Zoho Trained and Certified Expert

The training I’ve taken covered more than 10 different Zoho apps from CRM Plus and Finance Plus bundles including CRM, Desk, Campaigns, Projects, Analytics, Books, Inventory, Expense and Subscriptions. I have official Zoho product certifications for CRM, Desk and Books.

Next Business Day First Response

I strive to provide a first response to support requests within one business day or on the same day if possible depending on my availability. Resolution time can vary depending on the complexity of the issue.

Email and Remote Support 

Support is primarily delivered via email as this creates a record of the correspondence which ensures accountability. Remote support calls for troubleshooting can be booked at least one business day in advance or on the same day if possible depending on my availability.

Communication with Vendor Support

For many of my clients, I handle communication with support teams from Zoho and other vendors. This is a good fit for clients who don’t have a technical person within their team who could do this effectively. It saves time and improves the quality of communication with vendor support teams.