Having worked with over 100 clients on different Zoho related projects all the theory I teach is backed up with real world examples. I offer training to help you implement and integrate various Zoho tools in your business. On top of the experience on client projects, I invested in official training delivered by trainers from Zoho’s training team and official Zoho product certifications.

Zoho Trained and Certified Expert

The training I’ve gone through covered more than 10 different Zoho apps you can find in CRM Plus and Finance Plus bundles including CRM, Desk, Campaigns, Projects, Analytics, Books, Inventory, Expense and . Currently I have official Zoho product certifications for CRM, Desk and Books.

Custom Training

Training can be customized according to the client’s specific requirements and delivered one-on-one or to a group. Before the training session is delivered we determine the specific processes you would to cover and customize the agenda accordingly.

Online Delivery

Training is delivered online using GoToMeeting or other solutions based on the agreement with the client. Sessions can be recorded for future reference or for review by team members who were unable to join the live training.

Instructional Materials 

A good practice is to create an internal knowledge base which existing and newly hired employees can refer to. I create custom instructions in PDFs or short educational videos on how to use certain functionalities or whole processes in different Zoho tools.