Use Zoho CRM to improve team collaboration

Customer management is an essential feature of CRM solutions. However, collaboration and better coordination between coworkers are crucial workflow upgrades that can significantly elevate a team’s success.

Sharing information is crucial for collaboration on all company levels. That is why Zoho CRM has many integrated communication channels for quality communication between team members.

Team collaboration goes through several features:

  • Feeds
  • Chat
  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Groups
  • Project management

Keep your team updated through Feeds

Keeping your team updated through feeds

Feeds is a centralized area for your internal CRM discussions. It is like a vast shared dashboard where you can post information, update, and communicate. For example, you can update the team with follow-up information on the sales pitch and deal updates and collaborate on ideas. 

If you want to notify colleagues about the critical status, you can do it by @mentioning them. The benefit of keeping communication within the CRM is saving time and convenience of having everything in one place.

Inside the Feeds module, you can create groups for collaboration. The team can share insights, help each other with glaring questions, and you can act quickly with all team members informed and active. You can also use Feeds to send a private message to a coworker.

Feeds also allow you to get notifications if your contact or record is mentioned. The information will appear alongside your notes.

Sales reps also don’t have to send an attachment with a presentation or reports through email. Instead, you can drag and drop documents to your post for easy sharing.

If you decide to follow all records, the Feeds layout could get cluttered. However, you can choose which records you need to follow and have focused Feeds.

Another neat feature of Feeds is geotagging sales meetings, which allows your team members to know your whereabouts or join discussions quickly if needed.

Integrated chat tools in Zoho CRM

Technology changes the way we primarily communicate. For example, many people use messenger apps more than phone calls. Zoho CRM enables chat tool integration so that team members can have seamless communication about crucial topics.

Chat integration allows discussion and sharing of analytical data and sales metrics from your dashboard, updates, and records.

The integrated chatbot has an advanced feature of picking up your upcoming calls, meetings, and other appointments from your CRM account and sending you reminders. In addition, if you get a chat message, Sales Signal will also notify you in Zoho CRM.

You can automatically send lead approvals, sales updates, and similar information with chat. You can set up the rule, and your coworker or team will get the automated message.

Combining chat tools and robust Zoho CRM allows you to pull data about the record to chat while communicating with a team member. Your sales team will be notified about recent developments with such an automated notifying system.

Use Notes and don’t forget things

Notes are another important collaborative tool available for teams using Zoho CRM. For example, all team members working on a record can leave notes about the prospect, lead, contact, or another record so that the sales rep can have all relevant information and context before the following action.

In addition, you can create text or audio notes, leave attachments or just leave text notes. Zoho CRM has sticky notes feature that works as a personal reminder or to-do list on your dashboard without messing with important CRM data.

When used within Blueprints you can set Notes as mandatory for the sales team so that busy sales representatives don’t skip leaving essential updates and information about prospects running from one meeting to another.

Notes in Zoho CRM

Tag your way around Zoho CRM

Tagging feature within Zoho CRM is a convenient way to notify stakeholders about developments. For example, you can tag the manager or another sales rep, and they will get notifications for deals or contacts that need their attention.

You can use tags to mark different categories of records with specific labels. That way, you can identify, filter, and segment records quickly.

If one of your records requires priority status, you can tag it as Important. Now, you can find it by applying a filter and resolving all high-priority tasks first.

Adding tags in Zoho CRM

Groups feature

Zoho CRM Groups feature lets you break teams into designated groups so that they can work on everyday tasks or records. For example, you can set up a group for the sales team, support team, or event management team.

Users within the Groups can access the shared records and work on those records. Groups be consist of users, roles, subordinates, and subgroups.

To share a record with group members, you have to set up data-sharing rules. In a nutshell, groups functionality allows group creation and assigning group users with permissions for editing, viewing, deleting, and sharing records.

Group feature in Zoho CRM

Project management software

Zoho Projects is a project management software that easily integrates with Zoho CRM and allows you to improve productivity. Planning is crucial for success if your team is involved in multiple projects. You can incorporate a project management system in Zoho CRM and assign projects and records to team members. In addition, you can manage tasks more efficiently by syncing projects with the sales process.

Zoho Projects integrations can show the number of projects for each customer and monitor the progress so that managers can make better decisions. Project managers also get more insights allowing them to create better service.

You can add important information like customer feedback to the project so that the project manager and team know about potential roadblocks and effectively act on that information.

The central feed of Zoho Projects is a hub for the team to communicate, share ideas and keep all stakeholders involved around project updates. In addition, you can upload documents to a document library, and everyone can have the latest version of the file.

Zoho Project lets you invite clients into the projects. They can view details, create tasks or provide feedback. By collaborating in the project dashboard, you can avoid email or phone communication and resolve most issues in one place.

Zoho Project contact tab

Bottom line

Zoho CRM has many ways for improving communication between team members and other users within the company. Feeds is something like a standard dashboard where you can share information and updates. If you won’t send messages through Feeds, Zoho CRM allows chat tools integration for direct messaging and sharing between colleagues.

With Notes, you can add essential reminders or updates about records and share them with team members. Tags are efficient ways of filtering prospects, and Groups allow you to create a team and collaborate within the smaller group. In addition, Zoho CRM can integrate project management software so that you can improve productivity on projects.

You can use some or all these features to create an effective collaborative environment with seamless communication and timely information and updates.



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