Zoho Analytics Implementation

Zoho Analytics is a business intelligence platform which enables you to build insightful reports, charts and dashboards based on data from one or multiple sources. Be it creating various types of reports in different formats or sharing and publishing those on your live site, the software can easily help you with the same. Get Zoho Analytics and use all your raw data for insightful reporting.

Advanced Reporting

Zoho Analytics is a reporting software that helps you create reports in various formats. Be it charts and pivot tables to summary or tabular views, through Zoho Analytics you can select the needed format which helps you get the results for further analysis or the necessary insights.


Create dashboards within minutes using the Zoho Analytics drag and drop feature. In fact, you can organize multiple reports and charts in a dashboard to view all the key metrics at one glance without having to hustle through various screens or reports and missing on something important. 

Advanced Analytics Connectors

Use built-in connectors to import data from the Zoho app or supported 3rd party solutions including accounting applications, e-commerce platforms, marketing applications, social media and cloud or local databases. For data sources that don’t have a built-in connector, you can use Zoho Databridge to create a custom connection.

Sharing And Publishing

Collaborate with your colleagues and other stakeholders for an enhanced and more insightful analysis using the Zoho Analytics Share & Publishing feature. You can share the reports with them to get their views as well as embed the reports and dashboards you create on web pages.