Zoho Analytics Integrations for Help Desk and IT Teams

A company that can solve their customer’s or user’s issues quickly and efficiently will almost always be on the winning side of the business game. That’s why there are tools like Zendesk or Site 24×7 that help companies solve problems and create a smoother experience for their consumers. But what if you could make the whole process even more efficient?

Well, you can! And a good way to do that is by taking a good hard look at your data with the help of Zoho Analytics. The app can be integrated not only with other Zoho apps but also with popular finance apps, CRM platforms and project management tools. So, it’s no wonder then that this versatile analytic tool can also be used by help desk and IT teams!

Read on to learn more about what you can gain with these integrations.

1) Zendesk

As one of the more popular customer service platforms, Zendesk is built to help you meet your customers’ needs. It lets you solve their problems and answer questions across different channels while creating a better user experience for both your customers and agents. But integrating Zendesk with Zoho Analytics will also give you deep insights into how you can make the whole process even better!

Zoho Analytics comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface. This means you can build quick and detailed reports with less fuss. Pick among the 75+ pre-built reports and dashboards to get started with analyzing your Zendesk (and other) data right away. The app’s advanced formula engine helps you extract all the key business and performance metrics – KPIs, ticket inflow, ratings, NPS scores and more. See how your agents are performing and check if their workload is appropriate! There’s a good chance your data will show you there’s room for optimization.

Don’t forget to use visual analysis to understand your data deeply and present your findings in meetings in a more palatable way. Collaborate with others in real time and then share, export, embed or print your reports.

2) Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk is another great customer service platform. It offers a number of features like automated responses, customization and tracking tasks from start to finish. The best part is that you can access everything in one place! Its analytic options are limited though. So, if you want to get a better overview of your customer analytics, users or traffic insights, consider integrating Teamwork Desk with Zoho Analytics.

The integration gives you access to 75+ report and dashboard templates which you can quickly put to use. Create your own KPI widgets to track all the key metrics and perform in-depth analysis with numerous charts, pivot tables, tabular reports and summary views. Learn more about customer satisfaction, track resolution time and dive deep into your churn metrics! All of these can reveal clues about potential pitfalls and bottlenecks in your customer support practices. Let the numbers tell you what you’re doing right and where you can do better. Use Zoho Analytics powerful features to optimize addressing your customers’ needs.

You can import data from Teamwork Desk and other business apps, then blend them together to get an overview of your whole business. Share your findings with others, embed them on a website or export in PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV and image files.

3) ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

This web-based customer support tool helps enterprises create a smooth experience for their customers. It’s a platform that supports you in handling and resolving any complaints, questions and issues your customers may have. And it does so across different channels like email, phone or social media!

Integrating with Zoho Analytics means you can import all your data to build detailed reports and insightful dashboards to track your business or performance metrics. Keep an eye on your KPIs, SLAs or CSFs and set alerts. This way you’ll immediately know when an important change occurs! Visualize your findings and collaborate with others to raise the quality of your decision making. Make use of the 65+ pre-made reports and get insights about customer feedback, ticket closing rates, agent performance and more. 

Syncing your ManageEngine SupportCenterPlus data with Zoho Analytics is quite simple. You won’t have to go to great lengths to make the integration work!

4) Site 24x7

Site 24×7 is a useful tool that helps IT teams monitor the performance of websites, servers, networks, clouds and applications. It also lets you oversee the application experience of real users. The software makes it easier to keep an eye on your IT resources and prevent any serious issues before they happen.

Integrating Site 24×7 with Zoho Analytics means you can create in-depth analyses of your outages, infrastructures, alarms and monitors. Inspect your downtime frequency and duration, detect root causes and see what you can do to minimize outages. Scrutinize your alarms, see why they happen, how long they last and where they’re most likely to occur. You can do all that by creating custom reports and dashboards or by using the 75+ available templates! Preventing such issues goes a long way when it comes to user experience and perceived reliability of your website, servers or application.

You can even conduct cross-functional analysis by blending Site 24×7 data with data from other relevant sources. With its user-friendly interface and a smart AI assistant, Zoho Analytics can truly give you a wholesome overview of your business and IT processes.

Analyze your numbers and make better business decisions

Whether you’re trying to provide great customer support or monitor your IT resources, analyzing collected data will give you key insights into your processes. Integrate your apps with Zoho Analytics to find your weak points and understand your strengths. The numerous pre-made templates, visualizations, charts, pivot tables and other reporting tools allow you to sift and sort through your data in any way you need. And there’s even an AI assistant to help you out!

So, the integration is a great way to support business decisions with numbers, optimize your strategy and see your performance grow.


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