Zoho Analytics Integrations with Popular CRM Platforms

1) Salesforce CRM

Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps companies get proactive with their customers. Combining the software with Zoho Analytics offers sales and marketing teams better insights into CRM data. They can then use that to boost sales and increase efficiency of marketing campaigns.

With a simple drag-and-drop, you can create detailed reports and custom dashboards. Use the 100+ premade report templates that come with Zoho Analytics to save time and energy when diving deep into your data. Share, export and email your reports to team mates, superiors or clients. You can also schedule them for later! And if you want to see the big picture, import data from other sources to merge with your CRM data. Create efficient sales funnels, use the data to award your top employees, predict future sales trends and much more!

2) Hubspot CRM

Another popular and practical tool for customer management is Hubspot CRM. Integration with Zoho Analytics gives you a broader scope of your data and lets you analyze it from various angles. It’s an efficient way of getting just the right insights!

Track your Key Sales Performance and use 60+ pre-designed reports and dashboards. Measure your team’s performance, create realistic sales forecasts or visualize your funnels and pipelines. Keep an eye on all the key metrics to optimize your process and increase sales! You can also use an AI assistant to help you sift and sort through your data for reliable results. Merge your CRM data with inputs from your other apps. This lets you see how different parts of your business are affecting your customer relationship management efforts.

3) Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses a data-driven approach to help you optimize your interactions with customers. Connecting it with Zoho Analytics will give you even more options for how you use and analyze your CRM data.

Bring all the Zoho Analytics top features into your Microsoft Dynamics data and create custom reports and dashboards to share with others. Or use one of the 100+ reports that come with the integration to quickly get the insights you need. Feel free to include data from your other software into the analysis to get a meaningful overview of your business process and efficiency. You can embed reports into websites and blogs or export them in PDF, CSV, HTML, XLS and image files.

4) Teamwork CRM

If you’re using Teamwork CRM to build connections with your customers, you might want to consider all the benefits of integrating with Zoho Analytics. It offers a more wholesome way to analyze your sales and marketing data so you can create a tailor-made approach to your customers.

Ask Zia, Zoho’s smart AI assistant, to help you visualize key data. Build custom reports from your Teamwork CRM data or get the big picture by blending it with data from your other business apps. Share insights with coworkers, export or embed reports and set up notifications to instantly see any new changes in important metrics. The integration lets you see how efficient your customer management process really is. Pick up on any bottlenecks and find data-driven ways to boost your sales!

5) Exact Online

Exact Online helps you track your sales, finance, inventory and manufacturing data. If you combine it with Zoho Analytics, you’ll be able to get detailed insights and analyses of your business processes and results. And great data reports make a reliable basis for smart business decisions.

Use 75+ pre-made reports and dashboards to start analyzing your data straight away. Prepare and check your data for quality with AI assistance, create custom visualizations and a dashboard that tells you all you need to know. Get alerted of any changes in your key metrics and schedule regular reports. Collaborate with others easily by sharing your insights or embed reports on your website or blog to publish your findings.

Integrate your CRM with Zoho Analytics to get better insights

The many features offered by Zoho Analytics can help you better understand your customer management system. Is it effective enough and how does it relate to other parts of your business?

Import your CRM data, merge it with data from other sources (e.g. finances, inventory, project management) and get a detailed overview of your operations. Take advantage of the premade templates to save on time and get instant data analysis! Share your findings in a number of ways and use them to make data-driven business decisions.



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