Zoho Analytics Integrations with Popular Finance Apps

Every business owner knows how important it is to manage their finances properly. But to do that, you first need to have a detailed insight into all financial fluctuations in your company. The first step is gathering quality data. The second is analyzing that data and diving deep in search of patterns, anomalies and bottlenecks. Even though there are many useful finance apps on the market that help you handle payments, subscriptions, accounting and bookkeeping, they don’t always have all the analytic options a serious business may need.

Zoho Analytics can fill that gap! It can be integrated with popular finance apps and used to extract almost any kind of information.

Read on to learn more.

1) QuickBooks Online and Desktop

As a user-friendly accounting software, QuickBooks offers great support to small businesses. Companies can choose between locally-installed Desktop version and cloud-based Online version of the app.

Both can be integrated with Zoho Analytics to expand the range of analytic options. Make use of the 50+ available report and dashboard templates to get insight into crucial QuickBooks data quickly and efficiently. Reports and dashboards can also be tailored to your own specific needs – sort through data based on different factors like product characteristics or geolocation. This makes it easy to track important metrics, like KPIs. Different types of charts and pivot tables let you visualize key information, which can be particularly useful during any meeting or presentation!

The integration also lets you blend your QuickBooks data with data from your other business apps to build cross-functional reports. Leverage this option to get a detailed overview of your whole business. Keep an eye on your key metrics and set up timely alerts. Share your findings with colleagues and embed, email or export relevant reports.

2) Xero

Xero boasts itself as a reliable accounting software ideal for everyday business, accountants and bookkeepers all over the world.

A wide variety of analytic abilities that comes with Zoho Analytics lets you sift and sort through your Xero data any way you like. Gather data from your invoices and other financial statements to learn more about your top suppliers and sellers, keep track of your pending balance and more! The integration offers you 50+ pre-made dashboards and reports you can use to track your finances in real time. Also, it’s possible to import data from various sources and blend it with your financial insights. This way you’ll always know how your business, as a whole, truly stands.

Zia, Zoho’s smart AI assistant, is also here to answer your questions with quick visual reports and KPI widgets. Collaborate with others on your reports, build custom dashboards with a simple drag-and-drop and don’t worry about transferring data from one app to the other. Your Xero data will automatically be synced with Zoho Analytics!

3) Stripe

Stripe offers a software solution for processing payments and payouts, as well as managing any business spending. Retailers, subscription companies and software marketplaces are just some types of businesses that can use Stripe to make the financial part of their business easier.

Import your Stripe data into Zoho Analytics and dissect it however you like. Track revenue, subscriptions or other key metrics. Create detailed and customized visual reports or use 75+ pre-made visualizations. Play with all the analytic options to make better business decisions and optimize your profits. Stripe data can be used to detect pitfalls or gaps in your process – fixing them can lower your churn rate and increase retention! Analyze your customers and their experience to understand them better. This will make it easier to create even better offers.

Schedule your reports to be emailed, set up alerts and share important information with your teammates. Zia can fetch you key insights in no time. You can also embed your analytics into an app or product and use your own brand name.

4) Exact

As a cloud-based software, Exact helps you keep an eye on your finances and automate some of the related work.

If you want to get some real-time insights from your Exact data and stay agile in your business decision-making process, then consider integrating the app with Zoho Analytics. The data is automatically synced so you can create relevant reports at any time. Transform all the numbers into attractive visuals quickly by using 100+ pre-defined templates or use the drag-and-drop interface to build customized reports and dashboards. This will ensure that you’re always on top of key metrics! Analyze sales, track inventory or use numbers to understand your customers or employees better.

Integration also allows you to blend data from different sources for a more comprehensive overview of your business. Sharing, exporting or embedding your reports makes it easier to collaborate with others. Zoho Analytics can even offer you AI-supported contextual insights for any data point, as well as the help of Zia, an AI assistant. She can answer your questions and fetch you key data almost instantly.

Dive deep into your finances with Zoho Analytics

QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe and Exact are all great software tools that can make it easier to handle any business’s finances. But their analytic options are limited. Integration with Zoho Analytics solves that problem and offers you dozens of charts, tabular components, KPI widgets and pivot tables you can use to get detailed insights into your entire business, especially finances. Plus, plenty of pre-made reports and dashboard templates are available to you! This means you can start analyzing your data immediately upon installment.

Get more insights – integrate with Zoho Analytics.



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