Zoho Analytics Integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce

Building a successful business online can hardly be done without the support of great software. Shopify and WooCommerce are popular e-commerce platforms that simplify selling to people across the world. They offer reliable support in setting up a business and keeping it going, but all the data they gather hides a golden opportunity – to understand the very pulse of your business.

Prevent costly mistakes and learn what works with numerous analytic options you’ll get if you integrate with Zoho Analytics. Read on to learn more and start selling smarter!

1) Shopify

As a cloud-based e-commerce platform, Shopify gives everyone the opportunity to build a booming business. Build an online store and sell merchandise on the web, mobile, social media and even in pop-up shops. The app lets you manage the key parts of running an e-store: inventory, shipping, products and payments. But you can up your Shopify game even more by integrating it with Zoho Analytics!

Analyze your ecommerce data in greater depth to track your orders, sales, inventory and more by using 100+ pre-built Shopify reports and dashboards. See how well your offers and discounts are performing, keep your eye on refunds, get order forecasts and analyze stock details to maximize sales. Have all of your key metrics in one place and set up alerts so you never miss important updates.

Build detailed reports and use 50+ visualizations devised specifically for Shopify reporting. The integration allows you to combine data from Shopify and other business apps for a cross-functional analysis and its AI helper can answer your burning questions. And finally, share your insights with others and use them to grow your business.

2) WooCommerce

Different types of businesses can customize WooCommerce to their needs and adapt it to their growth. The app offers configurable shipping options, secure payments, automated tax calculations, as well as the option to update the software with more functionalities as your business (and budget!) expands. And as your sales grow, so does the complexity of your business.

Integrating WooCommerce with Zoho Analytics means that you’ll be able to track all the metrics in one place, even as your business grows. Create custom dashboards to keep a tab of your customers, understand their behavior and adapt your offer to your target audience’s needs. Monitor your inventory so you can always restock on time! Calculate profitability of your products and create insightful reports by analyzing all your WooCommerce data. You can use 100+ visualizations to understand the data even better and present your insights in meetings.

Zoho Analytics lets you use its AI support to get contextual insights and make business forecasts – you can even ask Zia, an AI assistant, for quick reports!

Get a deeper insight into your ecommerce business

Whether you’re using Shopify or WooCommerce for your online business, integration with Zoho Analytics will give you great analytic options. You can use them to monitor key metrics and processes in your company. From tracking sales, orders, payments and costs to getting insights into your customers and creating viable predictions, the integration lets you feel the pulse of your business. Get the right data, analyze it and create detailed reports. Most importantly, use your data-backed insights to make your next business decision be the best one yet.



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