Zoho Analytics: Most Popular Integrations with Zoho Apps

A high quality data analysis will boost almost any part of your business. It helps you evaluate your processes, productivity and efficiency, as well as giving you insights about where your business might be lagging. That’s where Zoho Analytics top features can be utilized when you integrate it with other Zoho apps!

Read on to learn more about the most popular integrations with Zoho apps.

1) Zoho CRM

Zoho Analytics integration with Zoho CRM allows you and your sales or marketing team members to study and manage all the CRM data more effectively.

Pull the data into Zoho Analytics to conduct thorough analysis and produce detailed reports that you can share, email, export or embed. Make use of its AI-empowered business intelligence tool and 100+ pre-made reports to save time. No technical knowledge is necessary because everything can be created with a simple drag-and-drop logic.

Even though Zoho CRM has a built-in reporting module you get a lot more reporting capabilities through the Zoho Analytics integration. Analytics lets you create dashboards, KPI widgets and 25+ chart types. It also helps you see the big picture by allowing you to blend and compare data from various sources, not just from the CRM. Plus, there are many other customizations available for a tailored approach to your business.

2) Zoho Desk

Track your customer support metrics with greater precision by integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho Analytics. View ticket traffic, ratings, agents’ performance and look for any bottlenecks in your process.

Import your data into Zoho Analytics to increase your analytic options and get valuable insights into the key metrics. Use 75+ pre-built reports to instantly see how things are going. You can also use the app’s advanced formula engine to create custom reports, dashboards or KPI widgets and then share them with colleagues. Merge your Zoho Desk data with information from your other key sources to see how different departments affect each other.

3) Zoho Finance

Monitor the flow of your company’s finances with the help of Zoho Analytics. Integrate with Zoho Books to manage your financial data and track all the key metrics to see if your money is being adequately allocated and spent. Zoho Analytics for Zoho Books offers 150+ predefined reports and dashboards you can use to start your financial analysis right away.

Dive deep into your data with a fully-functional business intelligence and reporting tool that can help you prepare and enrich your data for analysis. Combine the Zoho Books data with data from other departments so you can compare and search for causalities. Create custom reports, send them out or embed them on a website. And if there’s a key metric you want to actively track, set up alerts!

4) Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator helps you build your own apps and automate processes with very little coding. If you integrate it with Zoho Analytics, you’ll be able to get a more detailed insight into your application data. Produce advanced reports, use 25+ chart types, create dashboards or KPI widgets and import data from multiple Zoho Creator apps. Consider the AI assistant’s suggestion to better handle your data and share your reports in multiple ways

5) Zoho Campaigns

Track the success and efficiency of your email campaigns conducted via Zoho Campaigns by integrating it with Zoho Analytics. Use the 50+ premade report and dashboard templates, or create custom ones, to analyze subscribers, users, email domains, open rates and more. Import your Zoho Campaigns data and explore it on its own or merge it with data from other sources to get a better overview. Collaborate with others in real time by easily sharing, emailing or exporting your reports.

6) Zoho SalesIQ

Boost your earnings and client retention rate by analyzing your Zoho SalesIQ data in Zoho Analytics. Dive deep to learn more about your customers and use charts and tables to get a visual understanding of their experience. Use KPIs to optimize lead generation and conversion and multiply your ROI. Track the average time spent on your site, user geolocations, sources of web traffic, number of conversions and more. The integration offers 75+ predefined dashboards and reports that help you get crucial insights with less effort.

7) Zoho Forms

Analyze the data you’ve collected with Zoho Forms in greater detail by integrating with Zoho Analytics. View the data from all angles, blend it with data from your other apps and create thorough reports and dashboards that give just the insights you need. Zoom in or out of your data and ask the AI assistant to help you out. Share your analyses with others, set up notifications to actively track important metrics and use the advanced formula engine to dig even deeper.

8) Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey jumpstarts your data management journey by collecting key insights from your survey respondents. Integration with Zoho Analytics takes the whole process to another level. Make detailed reports on your own or use some of the prebuilt templates to measure and analyze the collected data in great depth. AI-empowered assistant can give you suggestions on how to handle your data and you can also schedule and send out your reports for easier collaboration.

Use Zoho integrations to optimize your data analysis

Zoho Analytics can be integrated with other Zoho apps to give you more options to analyze and merge data. The integrations are a great solution for anyone wanting to get a better and more reliable overview of their departments, as well as their business on the whole. Use dozens of premade reports or create your own, visualize the data with all the chart options, easily import everything you need from single or multiple sources and distribute your reports to others by emailing, exporting, sharing or embedding. Zoho Analytics can also be integrated with other popular CRM and finance apps.



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