Zoho Books Implementation

The all-in-one accounting software, Zoho Books, is great for use in small to medium as well as large enterprises. As a Zoho Books Certified consultant, I can help you set up Books according to your business processes, train your employees on how to efficiently use the software and provide ongoing support. Zoho Books offers a complete set of features to manage your sales and purchase transactions as well as automation capabilities and integrations with other Zoho and third-party solutions. Real-time financial reporting based on recorded sales and purchase transactions enables you to make informed business decisions. 

Sales Transactions

Zoho Books allows you to create accurate and error-free estimates including details about items you are offering to customers including item prices, taxes, shipping costs and other relevant information. Estimates which are accepted by customers can be converted to sales orders first and then to invoices or you can directly convert estimates to invoices depending on your process.

Purchase Transactions

Manage all payments made to your vendors with Zoho Books. It is an all-in-one software that helps you with recording, viewing and refunding payments. Zoho Books allows you to effectively manage the entire billing process including the creation of various types of bills, as well as segregating them for the purpose of reporting.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management feature helps you to manage complete product details at a single place. You can customize the price list with markup or markdowns. Additionally, you view the various products as well as the stock levels at all times. Zoho’s this tool enables you to maintain changes in real-time, detailed inventory reports and helps your business to never run out-of-stock. 

Client And Vendor Portals

Growing business always comes with new challenges. While the client portal of Zoho Books allows your customer to view and accept estimates along with easy invoice payment, the vendor portal is equipped with features that allow you to segregate as well as keep a track of all information relating to a vendor at one place. Your vendor can upload transactions, purchase details, and account statements through Zoho Books.


Automation is a great way of setting a certain defined set of rules based on which actions are automated once a benchmark is met. For instance, if you have payments overdue from your customers, Zoho Books lets you send emails to them as a reminder to make payments for their invoices or bills.  

Financial Reporting

Using Zoho Books, you can change your analytical data into information. The dashboard helps you to access reports and charts that cover all your receivables, payables, and inventory. Zoho Books’ financial reporting feature allows you to make informed decisions and share progress reports with your team. You can also organize, manage tax, keep audit details and data, and customize business reports with Zoho Books.


Manage your business finance easily with Zoho Books mobile app. The app helps you to access all your finance related information anytime and from anywhere. It gives you easy access to your customer, distance & expense calculator, and various other useful features. Access to the mobile app is included in the price of each user license.


Integrate Zoho Books with other Zoho apps and various third-party solutions including e-commerce platforms, banking feeds, payment gateways and shipping companies to get a holistic and simplified experience. To find out more about some of the most popular integrations I work with click here.