Zoho Books Integrations

Zoho Books when integrated with CRM, Projects or Desk enables exceptionally effective account management. Extensions like Zoho Inventory, Zoho Expense and Zoho Subscriptions allow you to make the processes related to inventory management, employees expenses and customer subscriptions more efficient. You can also manage online sales with the integration of Ecommerce Platforms and Shipping Channels.

Zoho CRM

Fill the gap between your sales and finance teams by integrating Zoho Books with Zoho CRM. This can help you to track and manage your customer relationship details and accounting information at the same place. It is easy to access and integrate your customer details, sales details & outstandings receivables right from Zoho CRM with the synchronization between apps, providing for automated business workflows.

Zoho Inventory

Your business can be managed better when you organize and track your stock, preferred vendors, and reorder points. With the integration of Zoho Books with the Zoho Inventory, stock management becomes simpler and easier. By adding Zoho Inventory to Books you can do advanced inventory management using the native modules such as composite items and item groups.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Books and Zoho Expense when combined together can assist you to get a comprehensive understanding of expense management. Connecting the two apps offers an absolute expense management experience with additional features like expense report automation and streamlined reports approvals. Zoho Expense can help you to avoid double entry along with the easy synchronization of customers and accounts with both apps.

Zoho Subscriptions

Managing your customers’ entire life cycle becomes easier by integrating Zoho Subscriptions with Zoho Books. Zoho Subscriptions is an effective subscription management extension that makes it simple to handle free trials, renew subscriptions, take care of recurring bills, and leverage advanced analytics.

Zoho Projects

Make your accounting easy and effective using the Zoho Projects integrated with Zoho Books. It becomes a really simple task to create and send transactions in Books from the Zoho Projects after this integration including invoices, estimates, expenses, and others. You can also import timesheets and contacts, tasks, from Zoho Projects to Zoho Books and bill them to your clients.

Zoho Desk

Combining Zoho Desk with Zoho Books is your way to effectively handle customer tickets. You can charge the customer appropriately using this integration for a particular ticket of the time invested. Zoho Books when connected with Zoho Desk help you to perform set up the integration, map contacts and create invoices and estimates.

Zoho Analytics

Integration of the Zoho Books with Analytics helps in creating custom reports or choose from over pre-available 75+ financial reports available in Zoho Analytics. It makes the data from Zoho Books available in Zoho Analytics. You can also create custom reports, collaborate on them and share them with your team.

E-commerce Platforms

Every business requires multiple sources from where customers can reach them easily and take their services. The e-commerce feature of Zoho Books helps you in wider customer outreach by making it simple to bridge your business with online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Shopify. There are certain prerequisites to this integration and consulting a certified consultant can help you with understanding it better.

Shipping Channels

Integrating Zoho Inventory provides for automated shipping via the available third-party shipping service provider along with easy tracking. You can collaborate with some of the major shipping giants across the globe for order fulfilment and quick delivery. The prerequisite to this integration is that you need an active account with any of the available shipping services.