Zoho Books’ top integrations with 3rd party apps

Zoho Books is excellent standalone accounting software with countless features and options. However, no man is an island, and your Zoho Books can also connect with other apps for more features and better productivity.

For example, organizations using popular Microsoft or Google apps can easily integrate with Zoho Books to access accounting software from G Suite or import users and contacts to Zoho Books.

Zoho’s accounting cloud software has extensive integration options with other Zoho Apps and third-party software, and in this article, we’ll go through the most popular integrations.

Zoho Books and G Suite Integration

Google applications enable collaboration, storage, and communication through robust G Suite. If you integrate Zoho Books with G Suite, you can enhance the features of your bookkeeping software with more options.

The integration enables a single sign-in for both apps. In addition, Google Apps users can access their transactions from Zoho Books directly from G Suite. You can also import Google users or contacts into Zoho Books.

zoho books gsuite integration

Zoho Books with Office 365 integration

Microsoft Office 365 is among the most widespread office tools globally, and numerous organizations use advanced Microsoft apps for everyday operations. Zoho Books enabled seamless integration with Office 365. You can invite users from your Microsoft account and import all your contact information from Office 365.

If you import contacts from Office 365, you can map match input fields between two apps so that contact information will be transferable.

Zoho Books and Slack integration

Slack is among the most popular business communication apps, especially popular among software developers, but other types of organizations also use it frequently. Zoho Books can integrate with Slack, giving you a better overview of your customer’s client portal activities.

If clients visit the client portal and perform an action, they will get a push notification on the designated Slack channel.

Slack integration saves time and increases productivity by simultaneously bringing all information in one place for all team members.

Customers can leave a review on the client portal, view an estimate, comment, or pay for an invoice. You will get a notification on a specific Slack channel in each of these cases. It will speed up your workflow and increase efficiency.

Zendesk integration with Zoho Books

Zendesk is comprehensive customer service software that enables companies to interact better and faster with customers. The essential features of Zendesk include prioritizing, tracking and solving customer queries.

With Zendesk integration, users can get information about contacts, transactions, invoice payments and others from Zoho Books. All essential info is available directly from Zendesk.

Connecting Zoho Books will unlock an overview with details on customer contact information, comments with transaction history and payment details, and sales where you can see invoices and payment details.

zoho books zendesk integration

Solving mass statements issues with Zoho Books and Uber Integration

Uber companies have numerous drivers and many individual rides. It can get overwhelming to track, pay and bill for the rides each month. Zoho worked together with Uber for Business and enabled integration with Zoho Books.

You can forward monthly ride statements from Uber to Zoho Books automatically. The statements become bills in a second, and the billing process is much quicker and easier.

zoho books uber integration

Bottom line

Your company might have a preferred application that has been through numerous product cycles with you. Zoho Books can easily integrate many third-party apps, so your organization can take advantage of advanced bookkeeping software and enhance its options with other apps already in use. For example, Google Suite and Office 365 have a huge user base, and connecting those apps with Zoho Books can speed up the workflow and exchange contact and customer data quickly. You can also access Zoho Books data from G Suite.

With Slack integration, your client portal can automatically send notifications on customer actions, and Zendesk integration with Zoho Books will create more efficient and informed customer service. Uber for Business is a niche integration but extremely useful for automatic billing on a large scale.

These are some of the most popular third-party integrations, and you can check Zoho Books pages to see other possible integration options.



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