Zoho Books – top integrations with Zoho apps

Zoho Books is excellent standalone accounting software with countless features and advanced options. However, you can further enhance the usability by connecting other useful apps with Zoho Booksstandalone accounting software with countless features.

Zoho enabled easy integration with most of its other apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Analytics, and many more. You can improve existing features like reporting or analytics or add new features with chat or mail integration. We’ll go through the most valuable integration and additions to Zoho Books.

Benefits of Zoho Books and Zoho CRM integration

Zoho CRM is the most popular app among many valuable apps from Zoho. A robust cloud CRM solution is invaluable support for sales, marketing, and other teams dealing with the customers. With Zoho CRM, you won’t forget about follow-ups, meetings, and other interactions with your prospects. 

Integrating Zoho Books with CRM allows you to track and manage essential information from both apps in the same place. 

The integration allows you to sync transactions between the apps and create automated workflows. For example, you can automate the creation of Zoho Books invoices when deals in Zoho CRM are marked as won.

The benefits of integration go both ways. Business growth is associated with converting potentials to customers. With the integration, you can connect deals from CRM accounts to estimates, sales orders, and invoices in Zoho Books.

If we flip the apps, you can also create transactions within the Zoho CRM. For example, you can create Zoho Books estimates, invoices, and sales orders straight from your Zoho CRM. For your Zoho CRM vendors, you can create Zoho Books purchase orders. All transaction documents created in Zoho CRM are immediately synced and available in Zoho Books.

zoho books zoho crm integration

Zoho Desk integration for better customer support

Customer support is an essential part of most businesses, and to enhance the options for your agents, you can connect Zoho Books and Zoho Desk. This will allow a more in-depth view of your customer within every Zoho Desk ticket.

Your customer support agents can see billing and payment information, providing more context when resolving the issue with customers. With the integration, you can create Zoho Books invoices and estimates in Zoho Desk tickets and bill clients for your support efforts. In addition, for each Zoho Desk contact or account, you can get essential accounting information like outstanding invoices.

For example, if a client is late on paying outstanding invoices you can advise your agents to hold off on providing further support until all payments are received. In a nutshell, this integration enables your Zoho Desk users with real-time access to accounting information and optimizes how they spend their time on supporting your customers.

Get more analytics for Zoho Books with Zoho Analytics integration

Analyzing your business delivery could further improve your business results, or it can enable you to identify issues and help you with turnaround if your enterprise is in a slump. Zoho Books already has analytics and reporting features, but you can get more in-depth analysis with Zoho Analytics integration.

With Analytics, you can dissect financial data from Zoho Books, analyze invoices and expenses and build reports with a vast library of pre-built visualizations. In addition, you can create custom reports with visual output by combining the Zoho Books metrics if you want to go beyond the extensive set of reports and user-friendly dashboards. Zoho Books is just one of the data sources available in Zoho Analytics so you can use it to create reports based on combined data from other apps like Zoho CRM or Zoho Projects.

The integration allows you to work on analytics with your colleagues and share reports in various ways including public links and scheduled emails. Possible outputs for reports include charts, pivot tables, and KPI widgets.

zoho books zoho analytics integration

Zoho Inventory Add-on for advanced inventory management

Zoho Books is already equipped with inventory management. You can keep track of your stock, adjust inventory or set reorder points. However, Zoho Inventory integration gives you more in-depth inventory management and also allows the management of multiple warehouses.

With the Add-on, you can use native modules like:

  • Composite items
  • Item Groups
  • Packages
  • Shipments
  • Bulk Adjustments

Zoho Inventory integration lets you manage inventory modules directly from Zoho Books.

zoho books zoho inventory integration

Better expense management with Zoho Expense integration

You can easily integrate Zoho Books and Zoho Expense. Online expense reporting can automate expense recording from receipts. You can also have easier expense reporting and a streamlined approval process.

If you approve expenses in Zoho Expense or enter information like advances and reimbursements, there is no need for additional re-entry in Zoho Books. All information is synced. You can even create an expense account in Books, becoming a Zoho Expense category.

Zoho Expense integration saves time you would spend on re-entering data. It also helps with multi-currency expenses turning them into your base currency, and is available in Zoho Books. You can also turn billable expenses from client projects into invoices through Zoho Books.

Connecting Zoho Books and Zoho Subscriptions

If your company has a subscription business, you can use Zoho Subscriptions as your recurring billing tool. The app can manage different types of recurring subscription payments.

Zoho Subscriptions is pre-integrated with Zoho Books, and adding the app unlocks numerous features. For example, each financial transaction, invoice, or available credit for your customers is automatically synced in Zoho Books.

Synchronization is automated for Zoho Subscription contacts and users. Similar to Zoho Expense, Subscription deals with a multi-currency environment, ensuring all are accounted for in Zoho Books.

zoho books zoho expense integration
zoho books zoho subscriptions integration

Make accounting paperless with Zoho Sign integration

Zoho Sign is an electronic signature app for business. Convenience and time-saving are two significant benefits of digitalized signatures. You can skip the paperwork, save on the postal costs and printing, and have an efficient signature app.

Zoho Sign integrates easily with Zoho Books, allowing you to protect documents, accelerate transactions, get faster client approval, and increase overall security with high-end encryption.

zoho books zoho sign integration

Integrating Zoho Books with Zoho Projects

Leading a project is daunting, and one of the most challenging parts is the project budget. With Zoho Books and Project integration, the project manager can have a better overview of planned and actual expenses in projects.

You can create an invoice for hours logged to have accurate and real-time assessments and estimates based on the project budget. You can send generated estimates and invoices to customers.

Zoho Projects integration helps you keep track of all expenses and invoices in one place, and you can manage project workflow and budget accurately and up-to-date.

zoho books zoho projects integration

Chat about Zoho Books tasks with Zoho Cliq integration

If more users work on the duplicate accounts, invoices, or other Zoho Books features, they can effectively communicate and collaborate with contextual chat.

Integrating Zoho Cliq’s chat bar enables Zoho Books users to discuss transactions, contacts, projects, and other current issues. You can also automate notifications Zoho Books sends to your Cliq chat channel. For example, you can create channels to receive notifications about payments coming in through payment gateways or clients who are late with paying their invoices.

The integration allows you to share images and documents and even have audio and video calls with other Zoho Books users.

Get emails from contacts in Zoho Books with Zoho Mail integration

In most instances, accounting software is separate from an email client, and both are widely used in every organization. With Zoho Books and Zoho Mail integration, you will get all conversations between a contact within the Zoho Books.

Aside from not missing any emails from your contacts, you can attach documents from mails to your documents tab. You can also view previous activity connected to invoices or estimates in the comments.

zoho books zoho mail integration

Enable live chat support with Zoho SalesIQ integration

Contextual chat integration from Zoho Cliq lets you internally collaborate and chat with other Zoho Books users. With Zoho SalesIQ integration, you will get live chat support for your customers in your Client Portal.

Enabling live chat support can help the customer with payment issues in real-time or answer any questions they may have about estimates which were issued to them. You can respond with help document ling or message template or set up a bot to handle queries during offline hours. Aside from better customer support, Zoho SalesIQ allows you to track customers who visit the Client Portal.

Bottom line

Zoho Books is an accounting app with a vast range of features. However, you can further improve the scope of those features or get new options if you integrate other Zoho apps. The integration process is quick and straightforward, and the benefits are enormous.

You can get advanced features like more in-depth reporting or automated options like subscription management. In addition, each Zoho app brings more advanced features helping accounting to be faster and more reliable and creating a better customer relationship or team collaboration with project management and contextual chat features.



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