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The purpose of digitalization is not only to have services available in a different forms. Making things easier is why digital transformation makes sense, and Zoho Books created that next-level convenience with the Vendor portal feature.

Already a comprehensive cloud-based accounting solution, Zoho Books created a link with the vendors through the application that saves time, avoids mistakes and confusion and increases productivity on both sides.

Vendor Portal enables you to keep track of all transactions and collaborate with vendors on a dedicated portal. If your business grows, you might have trouble managing all the vendor relationships, and the Vendor portal is a convenient way of maintaining control.

Vendor Portal Home

If you give partners access to the Vendor portal, they will have better insight into your business relationship. In return, you can have faster and better cooperation. The home page welcomes vendors once they log in to the portal.

Your vendors can see all transactions between your company and them, including outstanding bills, available credits, last payments received, their editable account details, and your contact details.

Overview of purchase orders, invoices, payments and statements can be highly convenient and save time for administrative tasks like sending those documents through email or other channels.

zoho books vendor portal home

View Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are essential documents in a client-vendor relationship containing a request to supply goods with prices and quantities. The vendor portal addresses them with a dedicated tab. Vendors can look at the purchase orders and comment on them. They could also negotiate the final price and add specific remarks before the final invoice is created.

In the Purchase order section, vendors can filter the documents. For example, they can filter purchase orders by all, billed, partially billed and cancelled.

zoho books vendor portal View Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Approval

One of the most valuable features in the Vendor portal is approving the purchase order. First, you can create and send the order to the vendor for review. Then, vendors can use the portal to accept or reject the created purchase orders.

If you enable review for purchase orders in Zoho Books, you can quickly purchase goods from vendors once they accept the order. Also, if the purchase order is rejected, you can create a new order and submit it again for review.

Once you send the purchase order, you will be notified when the vendor approves or rejects the purchase order.

zoho books vendor portal accept decline purchase order

Manage Vendors Invoices (Bills)

While you send a purchase order to vendors, they can send invoices for your approval in the other direction. In addition, your vendor partners can upload a PDF of the transaction’s document when they ship the products to you.

zoho books vendor portal invoices

Once vendors upload the transaction document to the portal it will be in pending status. You can then review it and accept or reject it. If you click on the document, you can add comments. The accepted transaction document will convert into an invoice in the Vendor Portal. Vendors can also view all the invoices from their portal, look at the details, and add comments.

zoho books vendor portal Create Bills

Track Payments Received

Among numerous valuable and time-saving features in the Vendor, the portal is payment tracking. For example, after you agree on a purchase order and accept the vendor’s invoice, you can make online or cash payments for that invoice.

You can then manually record the payments in Zoho Books, and vendors can view those received payments on their portal. Vendors can examine amount details, payment mode and the reference transaction. Your vendor can also download PDF or print the payments received documentation from the portal.

General Statement of Accounts

Aside from the options to approve purchase orders and send invoices, vendors can generate and view general statements of accounts through the portal. Such statements include a consolidated list of all transactions between your company and vendor.

They can generate a statement for all transactions or any specific period. The general statement of accounts will show the payments received and the balance due. In addition, the Vendor portal allows vendors to download PDFs or print the statement.

zoho books vendor portal Generate Statement of Accounts

Bottom line

The Vendor portal is a valuable and convenient collaborative feature within Zoho Books that elevates robust accounting software. As a result, you can communicate and negotiate with vendors faster and avoid the unnecessary bulk of emails for each deal, purchase order or invoice.

Vendors can confirm purchase orders, upload invoice documents, track payments received and generate statements of accounts. You can send a purchase order for review, create bills from uploaded documents and collaborate in one application through comments. The Vendor portal will save time, increase productivity, and help build trustworthy relationships with vendors.



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