Unleashing Zoho CRM Potential – Top 9 Integrations to Consider Pt. 2

As we discussed in our previous article, Zoho CRM integrations are changing today’s business management model for the better. Long gone are the days when you had to do everything manually. Today, you can integrate your Zoho CRM software with other popular applications!

In the second part of our series of articles on unleashing Zoho CRM’s potential and the integrations you must consider, we present you with four more extensions that will greatly help with your day-to-day operations, all centered on communication.

4. Zoom

Zoom Integration with Zoho CRM

As more and more businesses shift to either partially or completely virtual workspaces, it’s important to make sure your employees can still hold meetings and effectively communicate. Zoom’s cloud-based conference software is one of the most popular options for working remotely for several reasons. The most notable is its ease of use, cross-device functionality, and collaboration tools such as screen and document sharing.

These are the key benefits you get to enjoy when you opt for the Zoom extension for Zoho CRM:

  • Schedule, start, and review Zoom meetings using Zoho CRM, keeping your online workspace to a single platform. You’ll also be able to send invites and links without leaving the platform. 
  • Record your meetings with a single click and share them with participants for later review. 
  • Review meeting effectiveness and track progress on tasks using post-meeting stats.

5. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex integration with Zoho CRM

Cisco’s Webex App consolidates calls, video meetings, and instant messaging into a single app. With automatic transcription and translation, you can ensure that your virtual workspace is accessible for all users, and you can save meeting transcriptions and recordings to their calendar entry for easy review. In addition, Webex provides a secure cloud platform so employees can easily share, edit, and collaborate.

Here’s what you get when you opt for this extension:

  • Automatically invite your Leads and Contacts to meetings and share links to video calls without having to change platforms. 
  • Make the most of your meetings by using the Cisco Webex’s extension’s activity tracking and post-meeting statistics, so you always know when something needs attention. 
  • Keep everyone involved with the option to share meeting recordings with its participants, enabling employees to review what was discussed within Zoho CRM.

6. Microsoft Teams

MS Teams Dashboard in Zoho CRM

Microsoft’s software for video conferencing includes a meeting platform that allows users within the company and without to join meetings remotely and includes cloud storage, ensuring that shared files stay accessible. In addition, text chat and files shared during meetings are saved and can be easily referred to at any time.

Here are a few features you get access to when you integrate Zoho CRM with Microsoft Teams:

  • Keep everyone informed by adding dashboards from Zoho CRM into your Microsoft Teams chat. Your team will be able to access key sales data without having to change apps. 
  • Using Microsoft Teams’ search function, you can access your Zoho CRM records and reports to share in the Teams chat.

There you have it, our next three integrations you should most certainly consider. Stay tuned for part three to learn more about Zoho CRM integrations with other apps!


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