Unleashing Zoho CRM Potential – Top 9 Integrations to Consider Pt. 3

There are quite a few Zoho CRM extensions, like those discussed in part one and part two of this series, which all offer varying degrees of usability, features, benefits, and price ranges.

In the last articles of this series, we uncover three more Zoho CRM integrations that are worth the investment!

7. SMS-Magic

SMS Magic for Zoho Desk

The SMS-Magic integration with Zoho CRM, addresses all your SMS messaging needs. It enables you to integrate and centralize multiple channel conversations with customers, thus helping you to facilitate quality and effective communication. You don’t have to install any additional applications – you can send messages directly from your Zoho window or smartphone. It supports WhatsApp and SMS/MMS conversations on the go!

Among other things, SMS-Magic also provides analytics regarding response rates, compliance, delivery, and additional messaging-related insights. Of course, you can choose your provider, Sinch, Vonage, or any other. It boasts extreme ease of use and 100% Zoho integration, including conversations, campaigns, contacts, tasks, agents, etc.

Among the most prominent features of SMS-Magic integration with Zoho CRM include:

  • It provides your sales and marketing team with both smartphone and desktop messaging for one-on-one customer engagement.
  • It helps centralize message threads across multiple channels, agents, customers, and Zoho modules.
  • Top-notch management mechanism to comply with messaging guidelines.
  • Give your employees a simple solution to respond to customers in a split second.
  • Compose and schedule personalized messages and campaigns that can reach thousands of leads.
  • Trigger automated responses for time-sensitive correspondence.

8. Z Portals

Z Portals for Zoho Desk

Z Portals is a platform you can use to create a custom WordPress web portal for clients, vendors, and stakeholders. You can integrate your web portal with multiple Zoho apps and extensively customize its look and feel. Its enhanced customizability allows you to match the UI with your website’s branding and choose what data to show to visitors. You can further customize user profiles and permissions to ensure that users access the information they need in a secure way.

Here are some features worth mentioning when you use Z Portals:

  • Streamline user experiences with a single WordPress-based client web portal.
  • Design your web portal to match your branding with six base themes edited further through CSS and javascript.
  • Ensure clients can access your web portal from anywhere with its mobile-friendly build.

9. Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow for Zoho Desk Integration

Zoho Flow is a platform that you can use to integrate Zoho CRM with other Zoho or third-party applications. With its drag and drop builder, you can automate different processes without hiring a developer to write custom code. If you have highly customized your applications, a developer can use Zoho Flow’s functionality to save them (and you) time rather than write out custom code from scratch.

Here’s where this extension shines:

  • Maximize your Zoho CRM with over 650 cloud applications you can integrate. 
  • Customize your workflows to suit your needs with powerful logic elements. 
  • Seamlessly integrate your applications with Zoho Flow’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder. 

Zoho CRM Integrations for the Win

As this series is coming to an end, I couldn’t help but wonder: do you use any of the nine integrations we listed? Please feel free to share if and how these helped in the comments below.

If you need help setting up any of the integrations, you can reach out any time!


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