Zoho Desk Integrations

Zoho Desk, when integrated with other Zoho and third-party applications helps enhance the quality levels of your customer support. You can view Zoho Desk tickets inside your Zoho CRM or track estimates and invoices from Zoho Finance Suite inside your Zoho Desk. Integrations with third party apps like GoToConnect and SMS-Magic enable you to use cloud telephony and SMS messaging as communication channels within Zoho Desk.

Zoho CRM

The integration Zoho CRM with Desk enables your sales and support team to get an integrated view of your customer and by this, they can manage every single customer and product database in sync. It can assist you to get a unified database of customers and products, including customer information and activities, customer profiles, and more. You can also prioritize customer requests based on client data and work accordingly in Zoho Desk.

Zoho Finance Suite

Managing your accounts and bills becomes easier in Zoho Desk with the Zoho Finance Suite integration. Connect your Zoho Books account with Zoho Desk to share data between the systems in real-time. You can benefit from creating and viewing invoices and estimates from inside tickets, the status of estimates and invoices linked to a ticket, and providing agents more information about customers so they can offer them better customer support.

Zoho SalesIQ

Live chat allows you to offer powerful customer support. Implement a live chat option in between your customer and support team with Zoho Desk. Zoho SalesIQ enables a real-time conversation between the customer and support team and automatically raises tickets on request of customers as well as sends you the updates.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social integration in Zoho Desk facilitates management of your Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. Once the Zoho Desk multi-brand feature is enabled you can manage Facebook or Twitter social media accounts for multiple brands. The integration allows you to check the social media feeds, interact with your audience and convert posts and direct messages into Zoho Desk tickets.

Zoho Assist

Assisting your customers effectively is an essential requirement of every business. Zoho Assist enables support agents to use chat and screen share to resolve customer problems anytime from anywhere. Integrating Zoho Desk with Assist can help you to boost agent productivity and customer support quality. 


SMS Add-on in Zoho Desk lets your agents and customers be notified via a text message. There are many different ways you can customize who receives the notification and when. For example,  agents can be notified when a ticket is assigned and customers can be notified when a ticket is updated.

Go To Connect

Manage your call workflow becomes easier with the integration of GoToConnect in Zoho Desk. You can focus on better customer service with advanced call management features. GoToConnect add-on in Zoho Desk can assist you to manage call parking, auto rejection, auto divert, call queues, call routing, call waiting, and call transfer. 

Youtube, Google Play and App Store

You can track comments in Google Play Store, YouTube videos and Apple App Store and respond to them from Zoho Desk. By integrating multiple communication channels in one place Zoho Desk truly becomes a unified platform for managing all communication your agents have with potential and existing customers.