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Zoho has several finance cloud-based applications, with Zoho Books being a flagship accounting and bookkeeping product. Aside from the standard software, Zoho also has dedicated mobile apps recognizing mobile trends.

Mobile apps share most features of their cloud desktop counterparts and can be extremely helpful in everyday business. For example, sales reps can manage documents on the go without returning to the office. You can have a total overview of finances, create invoices and track payments, subscriptions, expenses and inventory from your mobile device.

Zoho Books mobile apps

The standard Zoho Books app is rich in features and among trendy apps when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. Zoho also has iOS and Android mobile apps that enable accounting on your mobile phone.Much of the outstanding features of web app is transferred to mobile. For example, you can create and send estimates and invoices.

Zoho Books mobile app lets you get insight into how well your enterprise performs by looking at KPI dashboards. It also allows you to track and monitor expenses and bills. In addition, you can generate essential reports on the go like balance sheets, income statements and other important financial statements. You can add contacts by scanning their business cards, converting tracked travel distance into expenses, and setting essential reminders through Siri.

There is an app available for Apple Watch, and you can track project time, send payment reminders, and look at invoices.

You can also invite colleagues to review the numbers, add users, and create unlimited transactions with the mobile app.

zoho books mobile app

Zoho Expense reporting app

Each business that requires travelling or other expenses can benefit hugely from the Zoho Expense iOS and Android app. The biggest benefit is the option to report expenses from your mobile phone and avoid administrative work in the office. The app is available for iPhone users, Android smartphones, Macs and iPads.

The iPhone version has convenient widgets like a mileage tracker, pending approvals and an intelligent AI Zia helper. Thanks to conversational shortcuts, you can automate expense reporting without actually going into the app. The app has a dark theme and numerous contextual menus you can utilise with the 3D or haptic touch.

The Android app has a redesigned dashboard where you can track reports, spending and current business trips. You can also choose from the travel options available and get crucial info like flight numbers.

The Zoho Expenses reporting app allows you to upload receipts and other actions like track mileage when offline. You can track mileage using Zoho Expenses widget and GPS without the need of opening the app.

One of the most convenient options is automatically taking pictures and converting the receipt images into expenses.

zoho expense mobile app

Billing subscriptions with the Zoho Subscriptions app

If your business relies on subscriptions, the Zoho Subscriptions app for Android and iOS can help you manage it more effectively. The app dashboard showcases Monthly Recurring Revenue, Net Revenue and new activations and cancellations.

You can add customer information from your mobile address book, create profiles and see all their details in one tab. Zoho Subscription app lets you track all customer invoices and subscription details. In addition, it is available within the app if you need to create or edit payments or manage changes to invoices.

The app can also notify you when a new subscriber signs up or upon invoice payment. The software provides a reporting feature where you can get daily or business updates within a different time frame. Other notable features include associating coupons with subscriptions, downloading invoices and sending reminders.

zoho subscriptions mobile app

Manage inventory with the Zoho Inventory app

It’s incredible how far digital transformation has gone. Now, you can do almost anything on your mobile app. For example, you can manage and fulfil orders from your mobile phone through the Zoho Inventory app for iOS and Android.

You can scan barcodes and group items through the inventory app, among the most convenient options. Item details will autofill after barcode scanning. You can also send and manage customer invoices directly from the app and record payments.

The app allows you to see accurate item details. Click on the item to get all relevant information like sale rate or availability. The app has speedy sales order creation. Fill in the customer and item information and send a sale order.

You can also convert sales orders into invoices, automatically filling the details, and track the package in real-time with the inventory app.

The app also has some advanced features. For example, you can record a snapshot of daily business activities on the dashboard to plan accordingly. In addition, the app lets you add customer info and monitor their payment status and other details.

Item details in inventory contain name, SKU and stock status on a single screen. You can also record sales with the mobile app, track packages and move stock between warehouses.

zoho inventory mobile app

Bottom line

Zoho finance mobile apps are extensions of robust cloud software. Zoho Books comes with the most features which replicate the desktop software. Detailed dashboards, adding contacts, creating invoices, and many other options make Zoho Books mobile a helpful assistant on the go.

The same applies to the Zoho Expenses. You are saving time, and managing expenses while out of the office can save significant time for the whole organisation. A dedicated mobile app lets you manage the customers on your smartphone for businesses that deal with subscriptions.

Another convenient Zoho mobile app deals with the inventory. You can add, move and edit items, create sale orders, track shipments and do other valuable actions while on your mobile phone.

If you’re dealing with a subscription business, you can manage new subscribers, follow financial data on the dashboard, send reminders and work with invoices, among other features in Zoho Subscriptions mobile app.

Time-saving, convenience and increased productivity are the main benefits Zoho users will get by using iOS and Android apps, extending the primary software’s features to mobile phones.



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