Zoho Flow Integrations

Zoho’s integration platform, Zoho Flow, allows you to integrate more than 450 applications. The connectivity of so many apps together without any coding expertise helps in setting workflows to automate information exchange among the apps you use. Every workflow is a combination of a trigger which starts the workflow and one or more actions which follow afterwards. Workflow management helps in saving time, reducing human error and allows you to focus on important tasks.

Use Prebuilt Flows

Zoho Flow includes a collection of prebuilt flows. You can select the one which is most suitable as per your requirements and connect apps to use accordingly. Zoho Flow allows you to filter apps by categories. You can choose from more than 450 apps to connect and use the selected flow.  

Create Your Flows

You cannot just select the most appropriate prebuilt flow but can create a custom flow based on your needs. Combining the triggers and actions from different Zoho and third party apps makes it simpler for you to create a flow according to your custom requirements. For example, a flow triggers when a deal in Zoho CRM is created (or updated) and sends an email notification to a specific person and/or updates a specific field in almost any of the 450 apps available in Flow.


Zoho Flow dashboard provides you with actionable insights. Instead of browsing through large chunks of data, you can find consolidated information on the dashboard to evaluate the performance. You can easily learn if a particular flow is effective and make better decisions about it’s productivity.  

Custom Functions

Custom functions enable you to use Deluge code to create a step in the workflow which will trigger one of more actions. This is useful for situations which are not available in prebuilt actions. By using custom functions you can get even more value out of Flow.