Zoho Projects Implementation

The efficient management of projects and their related tasks is directly related to the success of your business. With the help of Zoho Projects, you can ensure that your projects are delivered within the agreed scope, time and budget. You can easily track time utilization, get customized project templates, and track issues using Zoho Projects.

Task Management

For efficient task management, Zoho Projects is a must-have. From defining the plan and setting the calendar, you can do it all through this tool. You can also set milestones i.e. major progress points alongside the timeline which define the success for your team. Zoho Projects also allows you to define which task is on priority or dependent on other tasks.

Time Tracking

Every task needs to be done at a particular time, some need to be done before the other. Zoho Projects helps you to understand where your teams are spending time. You can easily maintain and view the timesheet to determine your billable and non-billable hours. From sharing time sheets with clients for approval to generating invoices, Zoho Projects simplifies it all to a few mouse clicks. 

Project Templates

Business owners always want to optimize time and maximize efficiency. You do not have to worry about creating new projects with similar details like your previous projects time and again. With Zoho Projects, you can customize the templates you have created before as per your needs. Project templates you create can easily be selected when creating new projects to prepopulate the desired details, thereby saving time and reducing mistakes.


Zoho Projects allows you to create a project layout based on your requirements. Within it, you can create one or more project templates which can be reused. While the initial process begins with a standard layout, you can customize the various sections or fields to ensure that the layout is as per your needs. Using a custom layout which is an improved version of the standard one saves your time and efforts.


Through Zoho Projects, you can define the project workflow easily. You can, infact, create a blueprint which includes the various statuses and transitions of a particular project. While the status signifies the stages in a project, transition marks the moving of a project from one stage to another. When an email alert is synced with a blueprint, automated alerts are sent to the concerned people informing them about the progress or asking them to work on a task. Grouped together, it makes the project execution and completion easier and efficient.

Charts And Graphs

Summarized details help you to understand the status of your project and enable you to make more informed business decisions. The charts and graphs feature offers you the option of viewing the progress through a Gantt chart. Using Gantt charts you can check current project status, dependencies, and tasks. This provides actionable insights that are important for your business or a particular project. 


Zoho Projects mobile app enables you to manage your projects while you work remotely or are out in the field. You can keep a track of the updates with the app. The app comes without any charge once you register for Zoho Projects and can be easily accessed using smartphone or tablet.


Zoho Projects provides you with an option to integrate other popular apps including Zoho, Microsoft and Google apps, and import data from tools like Jira and BaseCamp. From managing bugs, and messaging to automating workflows, you can use Zoho Projects to coordinate tasks involving both Zoho and third-party applications.