Zoho Projects Integrations with Popular Developer Tools

As an online project management software, Zoho Projects can help any business deliver great results. It makes it easier to plan projects and keep track of everyone’s work. This can be especially important if you’re managing IT projects that require the effort of several dev teams. But it can be easy to get lost among all the git commits, bugs, repositories and branch syncs. Luckily, the most commonly used dev tools can be integrated with Zoho Projects!

Integrations allow you to connect specific projects with relevant code repositories, so you can always take a peek at what’s going on. And when! This lets you better plan workloads, tasks and project outlines. Also, detecting any bottlenecks in your dev team’s workflow will be much less of an issue.

1) GitHub

GitHub is a platform where developers can build, share and collaborate on their code, especially for building open source projects. It lets devs all over the world work together on interesting projects. Integrating such a popular tool with Zoho Projects lets you stay on track with all the progress (or discovered bugs) made by your dev team.

You can connect specific projects in the Zoho app with appropriate code. You’ll be able to see all the changes made in your GitHub from Zoho Projects, as well as host repositories, make code changes and view source commits. Another useful feature of the integration is that it lets you see all changesets and commit changes history.

2) Bitbucket

Bitbucket is yet another popular dev tool. It’s a Git based collaboration and code hosting platform most often focused on private repositories instead of public ones. Integrating it with Zoho Projects makes it easier to keep an eye on all the changes to the code.

After you commit your code in Bitbucket, you’ll be able to see the changesets in Zoho Projects and edit source commits in Bitbucket. To integrate, just copy the webhook and paste it in a desired repository. As an additional help, you can even integrate Zoho’s BugTracker.

3) Gitlab

This dev tool serves as an open source code repository often used by DevOps teams. Gitlab is a single app that helps devs build their code and keep it safe. Integration with Zoho Projects keeps the whole team updated about any changes made in specific Gitlab repositories.

Map code repositories to corresponding projects. View or make code changes inside Zoho Projects, host repositories and see or edit source commits. Easily find and track the coding progress for any of your projects.

4) Gitea

As a self-hosted Git service, Gitea is a community managed code hosting solution and published under MIT license. It has a well documented API and the possibility for setting up many webhooks. Monitor all the code changes made in different projects by integrating Gitea with Zoho Projects.

Connect specific projects with relevant repositories. You’ll be able to view all updates made to the code in Gitea inside Zoho Projects. You can also view and edit source commits, host repositories and make code changes.

Stay on track with Zoho Projects integrations with dev tools

Zoho Projects can be easily integrated with the most popular dev tools like GitHub, GitLab, Gitea and Bitbucket. You just need to copy a project’s webhook and connect it with relevant code repositories. This will help you keep an eye on your dev team’s workflow so you can plan better and always stay in line with the project deadlines. 


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