Zoho Schools – Setting An Example For Education

As a superior alternative to conventional college education, Zoho Schools has been directly responsible for brighter tomorrows for 17 years now – for more than 1,400 graduates. The difference between Zoho Schools and other educational institutions is simple, but it makes all the difference.

While other schools focus on making pupils learn bulk materials, facts, and definitions they’ll never use, Zoho Schools emphasizes teaching them skills and abilities they can put to good use. Once out of school, the majority of the students are employed at Zoho and over 10% of Zoho’s current employees are former Zoho Schools students.

Now, this is a bit of a broad explanation for something with such a noble goal, so let’s see what is at the core of this unique mission.

What differentiates Zoho Schools from other schools?

Zoho school is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with schools and mentors that promise you a job after paying a significant amount of money to participate in their course. To start with, it’s Zoho that covers the expenses of attendance – and even provides a stipend for its students throughout their education!

The second most impressive aspect of this unconventional school is that it doesn’t have a long list of requirements, previous experience, or requisite background for selecting its students. Even though there is a selection process in place Zoho schools’ doors are open to everyone – as long as they are willing to learn and are interested in new opportunities.

Zoho Schools of learning classroom
Zoho's CEO Sridhar Vembu is one of the faculty members at Zoho Schools

Zoho School of Technology

Zoho School of technology

Zoho School of Technology is a two-year program that significantly minimizes the learning curve while still providing its attendants with all the necessary knowledge to become well-rounded software engineers.

Namely, students get one year of classroom training, and the following year, they work as interns at Zoho.

It effectively combines the two aspects that make an excellent developer – theory and practice. This streamlined and practical approach creates excellent developers with hands-on experience with many products even before completing the course. If we’re honest, having more than qualified and experienced teams right from the door is indeed something many enterprises dream of but can’t brag aboutT

Zoho School of Design

Zoho School of Design

Not everyone can become a developer, as it takes a particular affinity toward maths and engineering. Luckily, Zoho school has enough room for creative souls as well.

As the primary culprit for tens of graduates who now have successful careers in design, the Zoho School of Design effectively turns artists’ skills into profitable trades. This revolutionary educational program offers pupils the opportunity to choose their desired stream of work: product design, product promotion, motion graphics, but also pure art!

Once in the course, students familiarize themselves with topics such as design fundamentals, and they learn to work with the most popular tools available on the market.

Additionally, they get to take part in UX workshops, photography classes, and practical classes.

Zoho School of Business

Zoho School of Business

The newest addition to the Zoho Schools family, the Zoho School of Business, is the perfect place for wanna-be, modern-day business people. Like other niches, the Zoho School of Business covers theory and allows students to test in practice and learn from their hands-on experience.

Among other subjects, Zoho teaches business principles and management, business math, product management, strategic planning, and product marketing and sales.

Zoho School of Business also offers classes on business English and soft skills to equip the students with all the skills needed to succeed in the field. On top of it, students also undergo public speaking and leadership training that is guaranteed to boost their chances of nailing their dream job.

After eight months of the course, students get to choose their calling – content writing, marketing, sales, pre-sales, or customer support.

Zoho School for Advanced Study

Zoho School for Advance Study

For the overachieving crowd and people who believe extra effort goes a long way, the School for Advanced Study offers students to broaden their knowledge in not one but two fields. Namely, students can pick their major and minor – similarly to a standard baccalaureate program – from any of the three schools explained above.

17 Years, Over 14,000 Graduates And Counting

These may be very conventional subjects, but overall, Zoho School is a very unconventional school indeed. For 17 years, this school accepted students from all backgrounds and skill levels, covered the cost of their education, and provided most of them with a job immediately upon completion.

And not just any job – a dream job in a company that puts its employees, vision, and values first. 10% of Zoho Corp employees are former Zoho School students which is an impressive percentage and yet another reason that makes Zoho so unique.

It is this approach that adds a new meaning to the phrase “giving back to the community.” By providing its community with the most valuable gift of free education, Zoho sets an excellent example for companies worldwide.

Here’s to hoping that Zoho’s noble goal will influence other corporations to start investing in the youth and communities in the same manner.


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